Mindfulness: Don’t Get By Heart Anything Without A Purpose

Dayashankar Mishra
·1-min read

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has become a political issue now. It is not justified to claim that there is no place for outsiders in Bollywood. Sushant himself was its proof. He got success is such a short period of time. Irrespective of conditions, suicide is never the option. We need to be with life, for which mind must be sensitive.

We need to change our lifestyle. We need to be sensitive towards living people, so keep a continuous communication with your loved ones.

Getting anxious or momentarily disturbed in not depression. The immersion of mind in deep worries leads to depression. If anyone’s behavior changes for more than two weeks, if he keeps on talking about resolving every crisis on his own then we need to be alerted towards such person. We need to show compassion for people who are distressed in job, having trouble in love and relationships, feeling anxiety in married life, or whose kids are not securing desired results.

Also, do not relate success with job value or business achievements. Being human, blissful and happy has no relation with success.

Strong foundation of affection will help you to endure any kind of stress. It is quite natural to have difficulties in the journey of life. We need to tackle them with simple solutions and not make the process unusually complicated. There is no big school than life. Its education is simple, we just need to understand instead of rote!

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