Mindfulness: Humanity Is At A Crossroads

Dayashankar Mishra
·1-min read

You will generally encounter happy and smiling faces in Bhopal, but there have been many incidents of deaths by suicides lately and that indicates towards some kind of crisis in people’s minds.

I would like to mention that ten days ago I received a call from one of my best friends form Bhopal who was in deep economic crisis. He wept for half an hour. He was facing pressure from the debtors. After a lot of discussions, I am happy to say that he is in a happier space.

All of us need to understand that when a person dies by suicide, something must have broken inside him. He gets alone during struggles, which we don’t exactly see. Meeting people was not difficult before the spread of the coronavirus. But before that too our closeness was under challenge. The corona attack has challenged our social abilities and bonds.

We have to accept this challenge. Taking care doesn’t mean just showing sympathy. Believe me this crisis won’t last shortly. It will test humanity, so mind your expanses carefully. Have your savings not just for yourself, but also for those with whom you want to live.

When thoughts of suicides or depression bother you, first break the wall of loneliness. Start talking, open the knots of mind. Don’t think that you will be deemed as weak. Bring your dear ones in the range of communication. We are not sure when the vaccine will come, but we do have the vaccine of love. We should be focusing on finding ways, not ending life.

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