Mindfulness: Be The Humble King

Dayashankar Mishra
·1-min read

We prosper in happy time, but we have to be brave during difficult times. Yet love and compassion should never go away from us.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our capability of understanding love. It is confining everything. Sometimes we restrict our dietary habits as per the suggestions of doctors. This time, we have to do such things for mind.

We have to take our own mind into confidence as it can make us drift away from affection and compassion. Disappointment and uncertainty are weakening our mind. But Love will save us. It keeps tenderness for others but also maintains compassion within us. Quantity of love increases the chances of tenderness and affection.

Once the king of a Japanese province went to meet Zen Master Kichu. On reaching the door of monastery, the king sent a message through his servant. The servant informed the master about the arrival of the king. Kichu replied innocently, “But I do not have anything to do with him, nor am I useful to him. So kindly send him back with respect.”

When the servant conveyed Kichu’s message to the king, it didn’t hurt his ego. He went to the master and introduced himself. He said, “I am Kitagaki and I want to meet you.” Zen Master replied with love, “Kitagaki! Why are you standing outside? Come inside.”

We nurture our ego in many ways. We make several stories for its protection as well. Always check what is getting hold of you, love or ego!

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