Mindfulness: Your Humiliation is the Result of Your Own Anger

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We often say things that we do not want under normal circumstances, but we do so during arguments. Clouds become heavy before rainfall. Nothing would come out if there is nothing inside.

Shouting in anger, repeating the old issues, saying bizarre things, show that our insides are full of garbage. This uneasiness is the result of inner turmoil. When our every concern focus on us alone, we become angry and feel humiliated every now and then. Those who focus only on themselves, face such situations.

Sigmund Freud explained the science of mind in easy terms. Once he was asked, “How do you study the mental illnesses of so many people, you answer so many questions all the day. Don’t you get fed up with all this? Don’t you feel crazy at any time?”

Freud replied with a smile, “I don’t get time to look at myself. It is very difficult to be crazy without paying attention to oneself. I get busy since morning about others. I don’t get time pay attention to myself.”

This beautiful statement can be confirmed in the life of big scientists, inventors, doctors and researchers as well. These people focus on their work. Those who focus on self cannot escape problems of ego and resentment. We make our mind so weak that we see little issues as attack on us. We relate small disagreements with self-respect. At this time it is necessary to see where our focus is. When we shift our attention to creativity, the emotions of resentment will go away.

Resentment, insult or humiliation are the results of our own anger. We have to bring an equilibrium in life where good bad, happiness, sadness are treated with same ease.

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