Mindfulness: Invest In Relationships More Than Business

Dayashankar Mishra
·2-min read

Living together doesn’t mean we can always read each other’s mind. We need to go beyond the inner turbulence. That is why, we in ‘Mindfulness’ emphasise too much on supporting and empowering each other. Today’s edition is special. If you have younger brothers, you must read it. If you are younger brother, it is for you.

A regular reader of Mindfulness, Rajesh Thakur writes that for the last few days he was feeling that his younger brother is in trouble. Whenever he tried to talk to him, he always replied that he is fine and Rajesh should not bother. Rajesh was trying to communicate but the hesitation of a traditional joint family mindset didn’t allow them to talk freely.

When I had a conversation with Rajesh, I politely suggested him that he should involve his wife in this matter. He had told me that his wife has good relations with his brother and his wife. He accepted my suggestion after a little hesitation. He, his wife and his brother met at different places, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone listened to each other without any anger. Mistakes were accepted and a path to move ahead was gradually found. After that conversation the brothers are relieved.

Mutual faith and connection of love is bound to be affected by termites if communication is not done.

After this communication, Rajesh told me that his brother somehow wanted to be rich overnight. For the last 10 years, he didn’t focus on a single work. He had quit an excellent job. He saw a great opportunity of success in business like his friends. Though he didn’t get the initial success, he was not able to handle the upcoming success. He could earn a lot of money, but he also increased his expenses. Gradually, Rajesh begun to feel neglected from his brother, but his wife saved the relationship of both brothers.

Today, when younger brother is under the burden of big debt, his elder brother is trying to get him out of it. This kind of communication is to save and maintain the space in each other’s heart.

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