Mindfulness: Never Ask ‘Why Me’, Just Restart with More Enthusiasm


There are certain instances in life when you tend to ask yourself: why me?

Life is a struggle, and it’s for the living ones. Those who swim against the tide are alive in true sense.

Our life is like a rose. There are thorns alongside fragrance. We face 3 kinds of questions when we separate struggles from our life. Why something happens to me? Is luck not on my side? Why do I attract troubles?

Irony is that on achieving something, we think of ourselves as the best. In this context, I like to quote American tennis legend Arthur Ashe. He has a long list of achievements behind his name, but he also suffered due to AIDS when a blood transfusion process went wrong during a surgery.

When he was asked, why it happened to him? He replied, “I did not complain when I was picked from millions of children in the group of few lucky children to play tennis. I did not complain when I became winner in those competitions which were difficult for participation. I got everything which was not easy for everyone else. I did not complained then. How could I complain today?”

Recall any person, who you think is more successful than you. His life is full of struggles. Wherever position he holds today, he has paid a price for that.

We usually do not tell our success story but the saga of struggles to others, so make it the matter of celebration not shame.

What does the story of a mountaineer, who is at the top of Himalaya, tell us? The one who is at the top, must have had fallen or got trapped in storm several times. Questions of life and death were always there. If you are not able to feel his struggle, it means you will not be able to understand his success. You won’t be able to relish the taste of his success, even if he wants to share it with you.

Big things cannot be achieved through easy decisions. So, please consider the struggle as your companion and every day as a new journey. You must have to wait for years to enjoy the fruits of your labour. It’s not an overnight process. So, get set for it, now.

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