Mindfulness: Are You Ready To Be The Next King?

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A lot happens inside our mind, and it’s really difficult to locate the suffocating thoughts. We don’t address the root cause of our problems.

We are exploring the space, but are unable to enter our own mind. A short story may help you to get this point.

A king had three sons. All were almost alike in intelligence and physical capabilities. The old King decided to declare his heir, but despite all the efforts he was unable to take the final decision. One day, King’s beloved servant, who was an experienced farmer, came to see his master.

He gave a suggestion and the king liked it. He gave each of his son one sack of seeds and said, “Take care of these seeds, you can do whatever you like with them, but I will take full account of it after one year. One who will take care of them in the best manner, will be the king.”

The eldest son, with the consultation of his courtiers, submitted the seeds in the treasury of the state, so that no one steals it.

The second son ordered his servants to sow the seeds in the farms in the rainy season but didn’t actively ensured the entire process. He left everything to his servants.

The youngest son surveyed the land and talked to the farmers. He found a good farm for the seeds. He regularly monitored the progress the work. He ensured the cleaning of farms, removal of all the weeds till the crop was ready for harvest.

One day, the king called all three and asked about the seeds he gave them a year ago.

The eldest son took the king to the treasury, but the seeds were rotten. The second son took him to his farms, but it hasn’t bloomed well.

The youngest one son invited everyone to his farm and gave them the details about the crop. The King was very happy to see the excellent crop. The third son introduced all of his workers to the king who had contributed in farming, and said, “Father, your multiplied seeds will reach you soon.”

The next day, the king declared that his youngest son would get the throne.

This story tells more about the preparation the mind needs. Before sowing the new crop of relationships, we need to take care of all the aspects related to it. That’s the only way to keep it healthy.

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