Mindfulness: Are You Really On The Right Track?

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Let me tell you a story. Two-man got to know each other while traveling. One of them was blind but his intuitions were perfect. The other was courageous and knowledgeable. While crossing the desert on a winter night, they took a break. The blind traveller woke up early and tried to pick up his stick. A snake had come near that stick to avoid the cold, but was almost frozen due to the cold.

The blind traveller picked up the stiff snake instead of the stick. When his friend saw that, he asked the blind traveller to throw away the snake, but the blind traveller said, “It is a beautiful soft stick. You are jealous of me that’s why you are asking me to throw it away and calling it a snake.’’

The other traveller tried a lot to make him understand, but the blind traveller didn’t agree. They resumed their journey. The snake regained consciousness as the day progressed and the temperature increased. He then bit the blind traveler and crawled away.

The blind traveller couldn’t see, but that was not the only reason he considered a snake to be his stick. Lack of faith and compromising conscience to have something were also the cause behind his adversity.

As a society, we are the victim of this kind of unconsciousness. We are doing what we are trained for. We have connected all of our tasks with our targets. We do not live for our own happiness, we have made our consciousness a slave of these little targets.

The corona crisis is not just about failing economy, but it’s also a challenge for the proper flow of love and kindness in the society. We can counter this only by being together. We often decide right or wrong on the basis of mob mentality. So, let’s get to the core of the problem and solve it forever.

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