Mindfulness: It’s the Time to Get Rid of the Chains

Dayashankar Mishra
·2-min read

Most of the times, we consider ourselves mature, correct and decisive. This causes us to stop seeing outside of our decisions and presumptions. That is why usually we find ourselves following the rut. No one in the crowd is related to us, but it gives a sense of safety. It gives freedom from the fear of getting recognised and caught. That is why most of the people want to be in the crowd and behave like that.

This process appears safe from outside, but it makes one weak and sad from inside. We do not make fun of lambs because they follow the crowd. We are mostly like them. We are copying others. That is why lack love, kindness, forgiveness and decision making. This story may explain my point.

One night in a desert, a group of 100 camels came to a halt station. The head of the group asked the owner, “We need to leave early in the morning, so we want to take rest early, but we have ropes for 99 camels only. If any single camel is left untethered, he may run away. So help us in this regard.”

The sarai owner replied, “I do not have any rope now, yet I can help you. You tie that camel like all the other camels.”

When the chief asked how, the owner explained, “Don’t use rope, just pretend! Put your hand around the neck of that camel and say in his ears that ‘I have tied you. Remain here.’ And then pretend the process of tethering in the way you tie other camels.”

The chief had no choice, so he followed the suggestion. The camel didn’t go away. In the morning, when all the camels were untied, the last untied camel didn’t get up. The Chief went to the sarai owner and said, “Only you can get that camel up, I think you are the magician.”

The owner replied, “It seems that you have not untied him.”

The chief said, “But he was not tied at all.”

Then the sarai owner said, “We pretended to tie him, now go and pretend to untie him.”

The chief did the same and the camel got up immediately.

This is not just with camels, our minds also work like that. We are afraid of making us free. We do not gather enough courage to take decisions. Conscious efforts will energise you and fill your life with enthusiasm.

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