Mindfulness: Understand the True Meaning of Your Tears

Dayashankar Mishra
·1-min read

We consider unnecessary toughness and harshness required qualities of a threat-free life.

Lao Tsu said, “Have you ever seen the power of flower? Despite having less strength, it is still very powerful. You bow while offering it to the God. You’re filled with love while giving it to lover. Tenderness is life.”

We need to listen Lao Tzu properly and move towards tenderness. We need to ask for tears. No matter how strong or tough the rock is, it is ultimately disintegrated by water and wind, and at last is has to flow with the river in the form of sand.

A young Lucknow industrialist struggling with depression called me. After a few weeks of talks, he could be convinced for not stopping the flow of his emotions. He was advised to avoid being a superman and cry whenever he felt like. Now he is feeling better.

Suicide statistics all over the world tell that men have been weaker in taking care of their lives. One of the reasons behind this is the lack of tears in their lives. Men committing suicide are more in numbers in the west. Meanwhile, Japan has done a strange experiment where male young students are being taught to cry and express themselves.

Sorrow should not be allowed to freeze in us, else it becomes a big rock for the mind. Tears have the power to convert it into sand with its tender touch. We, in Mindfulness, always try to keep it calm and tender. If we are able to teach boys how to cry, probably the world would become a better place.

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