How Mindset Coach Anne McKeown Is Empowering Women To Find Their Daily Successes in Their Life and Work

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Anne McKeown is a highly regarded Mindset Coach who empowers women to turbo-charge the results in their life and business to enjoy more success every day. Many want this, but most don’t know how to achieve it.

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She incorporates NLP techniques when coaching or facilitating individuals and teams because she knows it’s not enough to tell people what to do - it’s essential to show them HOW to do it.

She is a wife and mother to two daughters, Maris & Megan (the 2Ms in 2Mpower), for whom she strives to be a good role model.

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Anne empowers women to step up, speak up and show up with confidence in business and life through her “Reignite Your Spark Program.”

Early in her career as a coach for sales teams, Anne said, “time and again I saw the same people succeed no matter what product or service they were asked to promote. Why? Because they understood the two most important factors needed to achieve anything you want in life: 1. The right mindset, and 2. A proven process to follow.” She incorporates both these factors in her work as a mindset and empowerment coach. Moreover, she has created a six-module “process for success” based on her expertise and twenty-five-plus years of experience in the UK and Australia.

Anne attracts professional women of all ages who want to know how to increase their confidence, develop clear communication skills, step into leadership roles, build a profitable business and balance family life alongside work commitments. To date, she has coached business owners, Company Directors, podcast hosts, lawyers, corporate employees, IT specialists, research scientists, and it won’t stop there.

She walks alongside those ready to step into their power and make their professional and personal dreams a reality.

As a coach, Anne believes everyone has a unique strength to offer the world, and she sees it as her job to help them find it, use it, and soar on its wings.

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