Minimalist Tattoo Inspiration

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

“Never judge a person by its ink “
Getting some body art and being inked is probably one of the best ways of self-expression. No tattoo design is meaningless or ugly. It either defines something from our past or something that holds very dear to us. But in the midst of it, many people are unable to get big tattoos due to their jobs and line of work. So here I bring you some minimalist tattoo inspirations which are super modest and anyway, “Small is the new Big!”

  1. Matching partner tattoos

Getting matching tattoos with the people you love makes your bond even deeper! They look super cute and romantic!

2) Movies/Shows Inspired Tattoos

Your love and craziness for some shows or movies can reach any extent. So why not get their tattoos? Let people see how much you are obsessed with such little things and you do you people!

3) Aesthetic Fonts

These small tattoos can rock any look. You can have some inspirational quote or a single word tattooed in amazing fonts!

4) Matching tattoos with Friends

Getting same tattoos with friends is a crazy good idea! Even if one of you is lost, you are bound to find your way back to your inked family!

5) Other small tattoo inspo

You may like getting some abstract tattoos inked which look stunning and chic! They are small and make sense everytime. These minimalist tattoos are a beautiful sight!