Minissha Lamba Opens Up On Her Divorce

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Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba had married actress Pooja Bedi’s cousin and restaurateur Ryan Tham in a low-key private ceremony in 2015, two years after enjoying courtship. Their budding romance started in 2013 after they met at a nightclub in Mumbai.

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only five years, and she announced her separation in 2020. This came as a shock for her fans as the couple always looked head over heels in love with each other in their pictures and public appearances.

Now, around a year after her divorce, Minissha has revealed why her marriage could not be a ‘happily ever after’.

In a conversation with Navbharat Times, the actress said every individual has the right to live happily in this world. She maintained that, unlike earlier times, the burden of maintaining a relationship does not automatically fall on a woman. A few years ago, divorce was looked down upon in society, but now the situation has changed because women have started voicing their opinions.

Minissha explained that it is not justified for anyone to stay in a relationship or marriage if they are not happy. While deciding to part ways is not easy, staying in a “toxic” relationship is even more difficult. She went on to add that marriage does not complete a person’s life and that there are many other important aspects in one’s life that one needs to focus on. However, she accepted that women are usually “recognised” by their relationship status and that is unfortunate, she said. She hopes with time, more and more people will start normalising walking out of wrong relationships or marriage.

The star told the Hindi daily that even though things didn’t work out between her and Ryan; the experience did not make her bitter about love and relationships.

This is not the first time that Minissha has spoken about her separation. In January this year, she had told a leading daily that since the relationship was not working out between her and her estranged husband, they amicably decided to part ways.

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