Mira Kapoor Says Her Daughter Misha Will Grow Up To Be 'Sassy, Know-it-all'


Mira Rajput, who has been quite active on social media since the lockdown, recently shared an interesting quote on her Instagram Stories saying that her daughter Misha will grow up to be a sassy young lady. Mira also said that husband Shahid Kapoor will credit it to her.

Mira, who is mother to Misha and son Zain, took to Instagram stories to share the textpost. It read, “One day I’ll have a sassy, know-it-all daughter and my husband will say 'she got that from you' and I can’t wait.” She also tagged Shahid in the post.

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Mira Kapoor

Mira had recently shared a picture of a beautiful heart embroidery done by daughter Misha with some help from her. Sharing the picture of two hearts (one inside the other) embroidered on a white piece of cloth, she wrote, "Big love with my little love. With a hand drawn pattern and help on the turns, little hands made the heart with a lot of excitement and filled with a whole lot of love!"

mira insta

Mira had also recently posted a text appreciating the children who are willingly staying inside amid the lockdown.

She wrote, "Shout out to the KIDS. Everyone is applauding everyone but our children. These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they've ever known in their lives. Their whole worlds have literally been turned upside down. All these rules they’ve never known. A life they couldn’t have imagined. All the things they love like sports, being with friends, going to school, or just being kids have all been taken away from them. Adults talking about others becoming unwell, news reporting death after death. Our poor children’s minds must be racing. Every day they get up and carry on despite all that’s going on. So here’s to our little heroes: today. tomorrow. forever."

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