Mira Rajput Enjoys Sunset With Her Cutest 'Dumpling', Zain - View Pic

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The ones who are eagerly waiting for Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput to share some new pictures of their darling son, Zain, well, the wait doesn't seem too long now. After lighting up our Diwali last year, the couple seems to be in no mood to hide their baby from the world anymore. Earlier, Sasha was a bit paranoid, who took his own sweet time to introduce Misha to all his fans. He wanted to protect her from all the attention and the wait was really tiring. However, this time, since he's a bit more experienced parent, he's game to share Zain's pictures, one at a time. The recent one coming from Mira herself. Shahid Kapoor on His Son Zain: He's a Very Disciplined Child.

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Mira took to her Instagram story to share a picture with her toddler. 'Sunset walk on the deck with my dumpling in the career', read her picture's caption. That was unarguably the cutest nickname ever given to a baby. The doting mother was busy enjoying the scenic beauty with her boy while Misha was either playing with her dad or taking a dancing lesson from her granny. Though we wonder what day 17 means here! Shahid Kapoor And Mira Kapoor's Picture Perfect Moment With Their Babies Misha And Zain Is Here To Make Your Day - View Pic!

Mira Rajput shares a picture with her son, Zain (Photo Credit: Instagram)

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Recently Mira in her chat session on Instagram revealed she was a mere 16-year-old when she met Shahid for the first time. The couple then started texting and eventually, she got married when she was 21. Though she was initially a bit scared of embracing motherhood, she was fine during the second time. 'Been there, done that', she joked.