It's a miracle: FKA Twigs on surviving relationship with LaBeouf

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21 Feb 2021: It's a miracle: FKA Twigs on surviving relationship with LaBeouf

Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs recently elaborated on the ordeals she faced in her toxic relationship with actor Shia LaBeouf of Transformers and Pieces of a Woman fame.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, she poured her heart out to broadcast journalist Gayle King about the telltale signs that made the singer realize that her relationship with LaBeouf had "red flags" since the start.

Love-bombing: Twigs explains the term 'love bombing'; details her ordeal

She told how LaBeouf would jump across the fence to drop flowers, books, and poems at her doorstep, which she thought was "romantic," but that "quickly changed."

The 33-year-old soon realized these acts are those of "breaking the boundary."

When asked to elaborate on the term love-bombing she used, Twigs explained he "put me on a pedestal...over-the-top displays of affection" just to belittle her.

Fact: Twigs opens up about the abuse

Interview: 'It's pure luck that I'm not in that situation anymore'

Notably, this is Twigs's first TV interview since she filed the civil lawsuit against LaBeouf last December.

In an interview with Elle magazine, she earlier said, "I honestly wish I could say that I found some strength... I wish I could say, '(It is) a testament to my strong character,'... It's none of that. It's pure luck that I'm not in that situation anymore."

Blames: LaBeouf would push her and then say, 'You fell'

Talking about how the abuse got physical over time, the English singer said, "There were certain instances where he would push me...say, 'You fell.'"

Recollecting that Valentine's Day weekend, which set the alarm bells ringing for her, Twigs said how the Fury actor strangled her inside his car at a gas station.

He had also threatened to smash the car against a wall.

Context: 'Transformers' actor rebuts allegations, admits 'history' of abuse though

This was LaBeouf's reaction when she had hinted at leaving him.

Meanwhile, his attorney said in a court filing that the star "denies generally and specifically each and every allegation."

Earlier LaBeouf, in a generic manner, had told the NYT, "I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I'm ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt."