Mirror Sonnets: Meet Rajub Bhowmik, the poet who pioneered Ayna Sonnets

When people think of sonnets, they often think back to the romantic plays of Shakespeare, long-winded and expressive but sonnets and poetry have changed over the centuries. Poetry has always remained a creative outlet for expression for authors across cultures. Poetry lends itself a kind of flexibility that makes it fun, unique, profound, and riveting all at the same time. Readers through the years have especially appreciated poetry as an outlet and an escape. Always a crowd pleaser and favorite it embraces the creativity one can do with words, allowing writers to be artistic with pen and paper.

Inventing a new type of poetry? Now, that's a novel accomplishment. Dr. Rajub Bhowmik, an author, professor and police officer with the NYPD is the inventor and creator of the Mirror Sonnet or Ayna Sonnet, one of its kind, which differs tremendously from the French and Shakespearean sonnets of the past. The Mirror Sonnet adheres to a specific pattern and rules, making it incredibly expressive and unique. Comprised of a total of 14 lines, 14 letters on each line and a particular rhyming pattern these poems are written in Bangla Rajub's native tongue. The sonnets caught on quick, and Rajub has created roughly 500 of them.

What makes the Mirror Sonnet so beautiful is the rhyming scheme. All 14 lines rhyme and each line can be read from both sides while the entire poem can also be read from both sides. The first twelve lines are divided into three paragraphs, where the author establishes the theme or the problem, which is then resolved in the final two lines known as the couplet. Rajub explains, "In creating the Mirror Sonnet, I wanted to express myself through a defined set of rules which could truly enhance the power of

words. Words are powerful, and under the structure of the Mirror Sonnet, they can really impact and bring forth emotion in the reader."

A type of poetry with strict rules might seem intense, but Dr. Bhowmik certainly knows how to navigate a life full of inspiration derived from intensity. Not only has he invented the mirror sonnet, but he is also the author of 20 books and an active law enforcement officer in NYPD's counter-terrorism bureau. Rajub is a fascinating man who is down to earth and embracing life to the fullest by sharing his passion for writing with the world. His most popular sonnets include Hopes in the Eyes, How Will I Get Old, amongst various others. Rajub has a diverse interest in topics ranging from passion, life, travel, ethics, and eternal life.

With a background in psychology, philosophy, journalism, and education, Dr. Bhowmik holds multiple degrees, and his published work has secured him a position in high esteem in academia. An innovative and fascinating writer, Dr. Rajub Bhowmik, is pushing the boundaries of creative writing and attracting readers with his relatability and creativity.