Miss Home a Little Less: Wifyfood Brings to You Scrumptious Delights at Your Doorstep

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Ask anyone who stays away from home: one of the topmost things they miss about home is, well, the delectable food. And why will it not be? At home, the food gets prepared with the freshest ingredients, holding high nutritional value, just right for our taste buds - exactly how we like it! - and with our mother's love. The words, 'Ghar ka khana', are always filled with longing and enveloped in nostalgia. How does one get all this away from home?

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To calm your cravings for home-cooked, healthful, scrumptious delicacies, Wifyfood has now entered into the frame of India's food delivering network with the objective of bringing you the care and tenderness of home. Dispersed across the country in 23 states and 42 cities (with many more to be added soon), food lovers finally get their much-awaited option of relishing on 'Ghar ka khana' prepared by verified home chefs.

Now, bite not only into perfection but care and comfort!

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Wifyfood: Beginning a Venture Delivering Familiarity and Love

With the advent of technology and, now, its remarkable reach in our lives, everything is at our disposal - only a click away. From clothes to mechanical equipment to books to groceries - we hardly need to step out of the house to fetch anything. And food delivery has already become an enormous market. The giants of the industry are spread across the states to provide food from cafes and restaurants.

There are innumerable options to choose from on these apps - from the restaurants to the food to the cuisines to the specific types. However, there remained a gap: these chains never tapped into the basic want of delivering home-cooked food to people who live away from their homes.

The quality of restaurant meals comes nowhere close to our homemade food. There is a reason why, after a point of time, we get tired of eating restaurant food. The simplicity of taste received at home is simply unparalleled.

It was at this point Wifyfood birthed. They sought to provide palatable, healthy, nutritious food right from the kitchens of real homemakers who fathom how much home-cooked food means to people. Their recipes, unlike those of chefs working professionally, come as part of their inheritance. They received it from their mothers and grandmothers, making it a small part of their lineage. After a whole day of work, one hopes to get simple, well-prepared meals to call it a day. Their meals, nevertheless, shed all pretence and are unassuming.

Nevertheless, paramount importance is given to the quality of meals and the ingredients employed. It is their USP, and utmost attention is paid here. As the organisation is FSSAI-licensed, it also is set to grant it for free to the first 100 kitchens registering in a city.

The Challenges Confronted in Establishing

As the founder recalls, there were two grave challenges to setting up this unique venture.

Firstly, the competition faced by already-established tycoons and giants in an already saturated industry. It was tough to overcome their penetration and execute the idea of Wifyfood.

Secondly, awareness of the venture was tested. People had to know extensively about the initiative, and homemakers had to comprehend what was in it for them. They had to know that this was a change Wifyfood was trying to bring about relentlessly.

Empowering Women Along with the Success

As Wifyfood grows and taps into different areas and cities, it is worth noting how its success is also paving the way for women to be seen at the forefront. By making them a component of the economic labour force, it is one step closer to achieve independence and be self-sufficient in what they do.

Unfortunately, even today, women homemakers are viewed to hold no knowledge of the world in which they reside. Their capabilities are underestimated, and consequently, understated.

"We recall an incident with an old lady who was the sole earner and was delighted to have come across the venture, glad to join the community," the founder recalled. He continues by stating that he is proud to have her and all others promoting their skills at best.

With ventures like Wifyfood, it is yet another opportunity for these women to become the bearer of their lives' charge. From the comfortable environments of their homes, women get to work and earn revenues by doing something they have been doing for years and decades. It bestows to them the much-deserved recognition and acknowledgement.

"Recently, I came across a woman who was relieved to know there is no extra excise fee. Now that is what we call empowerment. We aim to engage, empower, and evolve these women and make them realise their worth," affirms the founder.

A set of steps are followed before finalising a kitchen in any city or neighbourhood. It is to ensure a certain level of quality and taste in every meal. To date, over 800 kitchens across the country have been roped in the community of Wifyfood, with more adding each day.

For You, Only the Best!

The initial customer response was "shockingly marvellous," the founder admits. That made him believe more in this venture. Restaurants cannot be made regular.

The Wifyfood app is designed in such a way that it allows you to view the kitchens nearest to you, based on your selected preferences. The salient features of the applications make your experience seamless, smooth, and hassle-free. It is available both on Play Store and App Store.

In addition to it, with the swift delivery services, Wifyfood makes sure your meals reach you steaming hot!

As students make up a large chunk of the total clientele of Wifyfood, it offers to avail up to 60 percent off on each new registration.

Wifyfood is a tangible work on the feeling of home, away from home. Experience the best because you deserve it!

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