Devastating new details emerge after backpacker vanishes on Cambodian island

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A missing backpacker who was last seen at a beach party on a Cambodian island a week ago is feared by local police to have drowned.

English traveller Amelia Bambridge vanished from Koh Rong off the coast of Sihanoukville last Wednesday, with the last sighting of the 21-year-old at 3am (local time) at the popular Police beach – a private beachside venue.

Days later her purple backpack was discovered on rocks near to the shoreline and contained her belongings including her mobile phone and purse.

On Wednesday, following extensive land searches, police chief Maj Gen Chuon Narin said he believed Ms Bambridge had drowned, The Guardian reported.

Ms Bambridge told her sister hours before her disappearance she was having the best time travelling. Source: Instagram

He reassured Ms Bambridge’s family, who have flown to Cambodia to assist authorities, that the search party of about 150 personnel would continue to search for the Brit until she is found.

The revelation comes after police questioned six men who work at the beach venue following complaints from Western tourists they had behaved badly towards female tourists.

They have since been released without charge.

A photo of Ms Bambridge at the party last Wednesday. Source: Instagram

Family’s desperation as search continues

Ms Bambridge’s family criticised the lack of support offered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, despite a number of staff members arriving on Koh Rong. petition set up by a family friend, said difficulties communicating with Cambodian officials were hampering the search mission.

“We have had no support from our own UK Parliament and currently have been without a good translator for days now,” the petition reads.

“This is proving difficult to transfer information to the family and we fear this could hinge our chances of safely bringing her home.”

A navy patrol boat heads out to continue the search on Wednesday. source: AP

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson has since insisted they are doing everything they can to help find Ms Bambridge and offer their “deepest sympathies” to her family.

Earlier this week Ms Bambridge’s sister made an impassioned plea to find her “best friend”.

“We were like twins, she’s literally my other half. We need to find her, it has to happen,” Georgie Bambridge told the BBC.

Georgie said her disappearance is out of character and that her sister had “meticulously” planned her trip around southeast Asia, which she’d spent two years saving for.

She said her sister had called her hours before her disappearance and said she was having “the best time ever” on her trip.

Ms Bambridge had left the UK on September 27 to meet her father in Vietnam.

The pair then travelled to Cambodia before Ms Bambridge headed to Koh Rong alone.

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