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Where is Jugal Hansraj

The light-eyed chocolate boy got a lot of recognition for being, well, the light eyed-chocolate boy. In an industry where people strive for years to get one break, Jugal Hansraj got at least three, was fairly talented also, but perhaps he didn't find that luck-factor one needs to shine on the silver screen.

Missing: Jugal Hansraj was given multiple breaks by an otherwise unforgiving industry

Bollywood is not for everyone.

Some realise it sooner and tread different paths to make different achievements in life, while others keep trying till the industry throws them off.

In this giant rigmarole of realisations and refusals, we have seen many of our beloved celebs fading out into oblivion, leaving us wondering, “where are they, how are they...?”

This “Missing Report” series digs deep into the untold stories of such missing stars and today we are covering Jugal Hansraj.

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