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Overnight stardom

Though her debut proved to be the biggest hit of 1990, it shaped up to be a rather flimsy career graph for the original Aashiqui girl. After a string of embarrassing releases, Anu went missing from the industry, and nothing was heard or written of her for the longest time. A similar fate hunted down her co-debutant, Rahul Roy too. But that is a different story for a different day.

Missing: This is where we found the original Aashiqui girl after the fatal accident

Bollywood is not for everyone. Some realize it sooner and tread different paths to make different achievements in life, while others keep trying till the industry throws them off.

In this giant rigmarole of realizations and refusals, we have seen many of our loved celebs fading out into oblivion, leaving us wondering, “where are they, how are they...”

We are, hence, starting this “Missing Reports” series where we dig deep into the untold stories of such missing stars. Today we are covering the original Ashiqui girl, Anu Agarwal and her journey after Bollywood.

Let us know in the comment section, if there is any star, you want us to dig out from the black hole of Bollywood sanyas.