10 Sloppy Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume

10 Sloppy Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume

Remember how you always want to put your best foot forward when you first meet your interviewer and you have all of ten seconds to do that? Well, it’s the same for your resume in the digital world.

Hiring managers spend, at best, a few seconds to look at your resume. How can you make sure they call you for that dream job?

You already know what you need to put on your resume. Let's have a look at what you shouldn’t.

Photo resume

Unless you are applying to be a model, do not have your photo on the resume. It can be very distracting and tacky. Your credentials matter, and not the looks. So remove the photo from your resume, if you have already put.

Use technology

Be in sync with the advent of technology. Handwriting your CV would be considered old school and would scream “computer illiterate”. Send a neatly typed resume in pdf format.

Clear and error free

Good communication is the basic skill for any job. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors tend to make your resume look tongue-tied and sloppy. Proof read your resume well before sending.

Lengthy resume is a Big No

Be specific—keep your resume to under two pages. Avoid listing down all your key responsibilities, hobbies, career journey, references etc. You can mention these during the interview.

Avoid unwanted details

Employers do not care about your marital status, age, sexual orientation, or hobbies. Do not mention these, unless they are critical to the job. These are simple unwanted information making your resume lengthy.

Rainbow colours

Love the colors of the rainbow? Put them on your smartphone skins, not on your resume! Black font in plain white paper is the recommended format for a resume unless you are applying for a creative / designer position.


Why do you need a heading saying “resume” when it is obvious that it is a resume? Stating the obvious that it is a resume or CV at the top is a complete no-no. It is simply an unwanted and clichéd text addition

Highlights and Bullets

Many people tend to write resume without highlights or bullets. Story writing won't fetch you brownie points (except if you’re writing to a literary agent!) Highlight your achievements using bullet points. Running content is a big No for resume.

Say No to Jargons

Don’t let them LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Avoid jargons, acronyms, and technical terms. Follow KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple). A clear and concise resume can win the heart of employers very fast and an interview call is assured.

Choose Apt Font Sizes

An ophthalmologist can take care of the eye check-ups. Do not use font sizes that are too large or small. Use standard fonts like Arial or Calibri and avoid using different fonts in one document.

Also, ensure you include a cover letter in your mail, with a few words about yourself, the kind of job you are looking for, and your strengths.

So, go ahead, spruce up your resume, and make those seconds count!