6 Mistakes you are making when shaving

Keep these in mind the next time you grab a razor.

Sure you’ve been shaving for years and it’s a no-brainer activity. But are you still struggling with razor burn, ingrown hair, nicks, and irritated skin? It’s time to make a few changes to your shaving routine and make sure you’re shaving right.

You are shaving at the beginning of your shower/bath
If you tend to get your shaving done the moment you hop into the shower, it’s time to change your routine. You need to wet the area you’re shaving and moisturise it well before bringing out the razor. Shampoo, condition, and wash your body before picking up a razor. By this time your hair will be soft and your hair follicles will be open, helping you get a close shave.
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Not lathering up
Chances are you’re shaving because you’re pressed for time. But that doesn’t mean you skip lathering up. Skip the temptation for dry shaving and use a moisturising shaving gel or cream. It will help the razor glide against your skin while guarding it and prevent any nasty nicks, razor burns, and bumps. If you don’t have any shaving gel or cream, opt for some hair conditioner, but skip your bar of soap.
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You are shaving against the grain
It’s important to note that you should first shave your hair in the direction that it grows, not against the grain. This is common mistake that most women make. You might be tempted to go against the grain so as to get a closer shave, but you’re also increasing the chances of nicks, cuts, and irritation. So in the first pass shave in the direction of your hair growth. So you should be shaving down your leg. Then if you still really want a close shave, lather up again and go against the grain. This time around your skin is warm and lubricated, which makes it easier for the razor to glide. However, don’t shave upward at all if you have sensitive skin.
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You are not exfoliating your skin
Dermatologists suggest we exfoliate our skin twice a week to shed dead skin. This is especially helpful in getting rid of skin that’s trapping hair, resulting ingrown hairs. Even if you forget on other days, try to exfoliate prior to shaving. It will help the razor glide easily over your skin, making shaving easier, and more importantly preventing razor burn, and allow for better hair removal. Now that’s something we can get behind.
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You use your blades for too long
Using old razor blades that have gone dull could cause irritation and more importantly lead you to cut yourself. They can also trap bacteria leading to infections. You need to change your razor blade the moment it starts becoming dull. If it’s pulling at your hair or skin it’s time to trash it. And remember to clean the blade regularly to unclog it. If you’re using a disposable razor don’t time to increase its use time. The damage you’re doing to your skin outweighs any money you’re saving.
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You skip moisturising
Once you’re done shaving, it’s time to rinse off with cold water to close those pores and sooth your skin. After stepping out of the shower, remember to moisturise your skin as shaving can have quite an impact on your skin. Dry skin is likely to become more irritated than moisturised skin. So reach out for a body lotion or oil and massage it into your skin post-shaving. Try to pick one that’s anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties so that it helps sooth and repair the skin.
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