Mobile Phone Recycling Trends in the UK: 2020

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On average, every in the UK purchases three new electrical devices over a year. So what happens to these devices once they wear out? Let’s find out. Over the years, the use of mobile phones has been quite different. Today there are over 5 million smartphone users, but according to a survey, more than 7.5 million smartphones are in rotation across the whole world.

More than 2.5 million mobile phones are to be recycled, which is quite alarming. The most significant reason for the rise of mobile phones is their life and durability. Over time this has reduced to a bare minimum. Nowadays, a mobile phone does not last more than a year. Is the hardware attributes of the phones mainly responsible for their short life span? No, the software plays a significant role as well.

With the growing technology and continuous advancements in software, frequent replacements in mobile phones are quite acceptable. So why do users not sell their old phones? According to some of the best mobile phone recycling companies in the UK, some users are more concerned about their privacy when it comes to selling their old phones. Others lack the clarity on how much value they might acquire by selling old phones. According to Rapid Phone Buyer, a mobile phones recycling company based in the UK, the recycling trends have changed in the last few years due to the price drop of new mobile phones and the replacement screen price on the rise.

Why is it necessary to recycle old mobile phones?

The recycling of mobile phones can help in reducing environmental pollution to a considerable extent. It is evident that mobile phones are non-biodegradable, and the raw materials that each phone uses are surplus.

With the process of recycling, it becomes easier to deal with electronic wastes that get accumulated in various industries. The more the raw wastes, the more the pollution. Mobile phones have 85% of the raw materials that can be recycled even if the entire mobile phone remains shattered, as there is always value for these materials. Recycling mobile phones is one of the best means to attain a sustainable future. Without any further dawdling, here are ways through which you can recycle your old mobile phone.

Recycling Mobile Phones: Everything you need to know

Mobile phones always have more to offer than we imagine. Regardless of whichever condition it might be, throwing an old phone is never a wise option. The chances are it can either be repaired or be resold for cash. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of our old phone instead of simply throwing it in the bin.

  1. Selling your phone over the Internet:

You can find almost anything online. Why not find a new user for your old phone? There are surplus online platforms where you can sell or buy used ones at an affordable cost. The best part is you can avail the best price for your old phone using these platforms. Who does not like to take cash for phones that might wear out in a while?

  1. Give your old phone to charity

There are so many people out there who still find it hard to buy themselves a phone. You can give away your old phone and ensure that it reaches the person who requires it the most. There are so many charity institutions that take mobile phones. You can even hand it over to a close friend or a family member if you are concerned about privacy and stuff.

  1. Use your old phone as a buy-back

If you are looking to buy a new phone, then you can always exchange the old one for a sufficient amount. Mobile phone providers ensure that the user does not have to throw away their old phones in order to purchase the new one. They take away your old phones and deduce the amount in your purchase.

  1. Selling your phone to a mobile recycling company

It does not matter even if your old phone is completely shattered or does not serve the purpose. A recycling company will be more than happy to take such mobile phones. Though you cannot expect a higher reselling price, it is always better to get something out of nothing. There are so many valuable components in a mobile phone that can get reused. Instead of throwing your broken phone, you can always sell it to a recycling company for a considerable price.

Things to do before recycling your old mobile phones

Your old phone might have all your personal information. It might include contact details, photos, social media accounts, and there are even passwords to your Google pay and other bank accounts. There is always this sense of insecurity about privacy breaches when it comes to selling your old phone.

Before selling your phone, you got to upload all the data in the cloud or save the data onto your memory card. Make sure that you delete all the contacts and photos from the device and ensure that you have a backup for every file that is on your device. Most mobile phones have a factory reset option that will help you reset the mobile phone to factory settings.

Closing Thoughts

Throwing your old phone should never be an option. There has been surplus electronic waste accumulation already over the years. Mobile recycling is something that will reduce this sort of pollution to a considerable extent. You can implement either of the solutions to get rid of your old mobile phone.

All of us have an obligation towards the environment. Let us ensure that we take the required measures to control this pollution and do our bit towards creating a sustainable future. We hope that this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you make up your mind on what to do with your old mobile phone. So, what are you waiting for? Recycle your old mobile phone for a better cause.

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