MobiLine A Boon For Entrepreneurs – CEO Stas Borukhoff On Video Tech Startup Launch


Our audience loves to read stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Tell us about yourself and what you represent. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. My career began in telecommunications and I’ve developed a passion for IT and programming. I’m always looking for “what’s next” and how I can develop technology; people can use to solve their problems. Today, technology gives us many different ways to reach people, yet having a traditional Caller I.D. feature on the phone, we’re still feeling interrupted and missing the real, live, and genuine connections that make a difference in our lives.

That’s where MobiLine comes into the picture. We are a video communication and social networking app powered by Video Caller I.D. Our patented technology cuts down the unwanted interruptions and increases meaningful personalized connections. We are the only app on the market that lets initiator of the call to record a video invitation (up to 15 seconds) prior to starting a call and for the recipient to see and hear what the call is about before they decide to answer.

To a reader who is unaware of MobiLine, in simple terms, explain what it is all about. 

When you download the MobiLine app on your smartphone, whether it’s a call you’re receiving from people you know, or you’re exploring new connections, a video invitation helps you in two ways. First, the caller gets to prioritize their most important calls with a brief pre-recorded video that gets attention. The call recipient chooses which calls are the most important to answer based on previewing this video invitation. It’s simple. Video Caller I.D. helps to remove call barriers. Important calls get through and valuable relationships are not ignored.

When you use the MobiLine app, the important calls are prioritized and answered immediately and less-pressing calls can be handled later. You don’t miss any opportunities to connect for all of the right reasons. Our app is also an ice breaker, making the cold calls warmer, especially if you’re in business when you’re offering your services or you’re looking to collaborate with a new professional connection.

Tell us about some of the greatest features of MobiLine. 

MobiLine has many great features from the video invitation that’s added to your most important daily calls with friends, family, and colleagues to how you meet people when you are social networking in our Explore section. Our users tell us they love the video invitation, which is easy to record and automatically added to outbound calls. They also really like being able to create brief video introductions or mini video bios that can be tagged into different categories in Explore, from the freelancers and marketers you want to meet to the musician, actors, or your next best dating connections.

One MobiLine user mentioned how she found it really easy to meet people when she moved to New York City and didn’t have friends and family in the area. Another user, a professional using MobiLine for business, mentioned how viewing a brief video introduction helped him to learn about a person’s service offering, more so than just reading words on a profile page. You can really get to know someone’s personality through a video invitation or a video introduction.

What served as the very inspiration for you to come up with MobiLine?

I was getting frustrated and so were many of my friends and colleagues because of the missed opportunities to connect with people who bring meaning and value to our lives. You meet interesting people every day. Yet, there were so many times I’d hear about networking events and exchanging business cards. Then, someone follows up by reaching out and the person on the other end of the call doesn’t even know it’s the person they’ve met. They clearly miss an opportunity to connect and collaborate in real-time.

I also remember a friend of mine missed a call about a job interview and I’ve had friends say that they couldn’t meet the right life partner. Clearly, on the dating apps, you can’t tell much about a person from a profile photo as you swipe left or right.

That’s why I came up with MobiLine. We must demand 360 degrees of live communications with someone we’re trying to hire, partner with for the business or even personally, someone you would like to date.

What are some of the crucial factors that would affect a smartphone user after they start using MobiLine? How would it affect their business?

Right now, 70% of Americans don’t want to answer their phones whether it’s personal or for business. That says we are in an age when we do not have enough time and often get too interrupted.

For our community of MobiLine users, who are busy and more inclined to let calls go to voicemail, they realize some calls are more important than others. Caller I.D. doesn’t always let you know what should be answered immediately. With MobiLine you won’t be missing any of the calls that take priority. On other messaging apps, you don’t get to preview a pre-recorded video invitation to know the importance of the call. At the same time, you can bypass what you decide is less timely and let in what’s important, which are the live genuine connections.

For example, when it comes to social networking in the MobiLine community, all new connections require a video invitation. In order to reach out to your new connection, whether it’s to carve out a friendship, hire your next employee, or to establish a business partnership, you’re required to create a video or audio invitation. Video is one of the best ways to see and hear what someone wants, and if it’s worth your time, you connect.

As the CEO of a video tech startup, what are some of the key day-to-day challenges you face?

With new technology, every day is a race in coding and working out the kinks. We want to make sure that MobiLine community members have the best experience possible. This means that you’re “on” 24/7 and we have the top 1% of developers to accommodate the next billion users.

The biggest challenge was the IT platform development. As widely noticed, most IT companies fail to deliver on their promises because their systems do not work or do not scale accordingly. For MobiLine, extensive stress testing for scalability delivers a quality product when it’s in the hands of our users.

In times of the greatest technological advancements, how do you plan to keep up with every day with changing tech trends?

We see MobiLine as ahead of the systems and creating the trends. Right now, the carriers, the manufacturers, and the systems need to catch up with us. For example, landlines are practically going away. We believe our technology will serve its best with 5G network and integrate Video Caller ID on the iPhone and Android devices, and not just an app that is downloaded. We also envision how someday business phone systems will be equipped with video and when those businesses are ready, MobiLine will be there to deliver its patented technology.

What next can we see coming from you/ your company in the near future?

We consider MobiLine to be in the pre-launch phase. We’ve debuted our technology and app at CES 2020 with great success, including an award from Twice, which named the top CES Picks with the potential to create the most impact in the consumer electronics industry.

Our users to date were invited to join MobiLine with a special invitation. However, we’re moving toward a soft launch in March 2020 with MobiLine being available for download in the iPhone App Store. We’re also looking forward to having an Android version in the app store later this year.

In the near future, we see MobiLine competing with the most well-known global messaging apps and platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and Skype. The ability to preview a video invitation of an incoming call and to know what a call is about before you answer, makes us stand out from the pack. 

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