Police pull over mobility scooter doing 8mph on busy dual carriageway

A mobility scooter was spotted being driven on a dual carriageway between Shrewsbury and Wellington (Picture: SWNS)

Police officers were shocked when they spotted a mobility scooter on a dual carriageway.

Cops saw the buggy riding along the A5 between Shrewsbury and Wellington, in Shropshire, on Tuesday evening.

The traffic officers immediately stopped the scooter, which was doing 8mph, before a recovery truck was called to transport it and the driver to safety.

West Mercia Police shared a picture of the electric scooter being towed away and warned people to avoid travelling on dangerous roads unless equipped to do so.

Shrewsbury Police tweeted: “We would like to remind people that mobility scooters, and fast roads such as the A5 Shrewsbury to Wellington, are not a great combination.”

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People reacted in astonishment to the rider’s recklessness on one of the busiest stretches of road in the area.

A local tweeted: “I had to double-take when I saw it next to your van whilst sat at the lights.” 

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Another person added: "That is the busiest road you could possibly pick to ride a scooter along. What on earth were they thinking? Absolute madness."

Someone else wrote he had spotted the scooter on the back of a truck and the driver had a “lucky escape”.

They wrote: "I had to double-take when I saw it next to your van whilst sat at the lights.”

The majority of mobility scooters travel at about 4mph, which they are restricted to on pavements.

Some can travel up to 8mph on roads if they are registered with the DVLA.

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