Mocemsa Perfume Gift Set for Men and Women: How to Read A Perfume Gift Box

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Perfumes are celebrated for their pleasant fragrance and aroma, especially the perfume gift set for men and women. To elaborate, they attract men and women of all ages like a magnet and make the retail stores the busiest zones. These delicate bottles filled with perfume for women and men have a protective outer packaging with details like Pour Homme or Pour Femme and Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toilette mentioned on the boxes. Have you ever wondered why? Well, for one, perfume boxes should be sturdy whether it is an individual box or a gift box. For two, details like Pour Femme means it is meant ‘a perfume for women,’ Pour Homme means ‘a perfume for men.’

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Picking up on topics about perfumes that are less talked about, one should talk about perfume gift boxes. A perfume box, in general, too gives away varied interesting facts, which has never been possible without it.

How Has Mocemsa Transformed Its Perfume Gift Boxes

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Mocemsa is an international perfume brand co-founded by Mr Pulkit Malhotra (Head Perfumer) and Mr Paarth Malhotra that provides luxurious perfumes for both men and women that enhance their aura. It has been in buzz since its launch in India as it presents the perfect fragrances and focuses on notes as well as the aesthetics of the perfume. Isn’t it amazing to get perfume in luxurious attire? The packaging of Mocemsa perfume gift sets is done in such a way that deals with the best presentation without harming mother nature.

Similarly, the boxes of perfumes not only store the beauty of fragrance but also reveals several amazing facts about which one is often unaware. They help you in recognising the different categories. And just by looking at the boxes, you will get to know about their concentrations as well. Like, if you will find "Eau de Toilette" written on a perfume bottle then it means that it consists of 5-10% essential oils. Just like that if you will find "Eau de Parfum" written on the perfume box, then you can easily find out that it has 10-15% essential oil concentration.

Also, other focus would be the kind of fragrance - floral, fruity, woody, spicy or others. This would help you identify the signature scent of the people you are gifting the perfume gift set to. A perfect floral fragrance would be Water Lily EDP Perfume for women by Mocemsa.

Myth Vs Reality

You may or may not be aware of the myth that revolves around perfumes, that they are not the perfect gifts for people. However, in the new era of perfumery, Mocemsa believes that gifting someone a perfume that provides a personal touch to the person is one of the best choices. And, keeping that in mind Mocemsa brings you the best of perfume gift sets for both men and women.

The first thing that comes into mind while gifting someone a perfume set is their packaging. However, the best perfumes are those having small packages mostly. Mocemsa offers gift perfume boxes with its unique perfume collection. The small bottles only contain a few millilitres of perfume, which lasts for a month. The small bottles can easily retain the fragrance; however, larger perfume boxes may have a good quantity but they may not preserve the scent of perfumes.

Wherever you need to choose the perfect perfume gift set for him and her, you need to recognize and keep the idea of how their personality is, or what kind of fragrance will suit them. you need a clear picture of them in your mind. Just try to know more about their mood, lifestyle, eating preferences, and choices to make a better move while selecting a gift set. You need to choose the perfumes as per their personality, gender, and workplace, you cannot gift a female a perfume meant for males. You cannot give a calm person any kind of naughty fragrance. Always remember to select the best fragrance as per their presence.

Mocemsa Perfume Gift Sets for Him and Her

Mocemsa is having an amazing collection of gift sets that will help you in giving men or women a fragrance that will suit their personality. And, it’s a suggestion that perfumes should be kept and handled with care. Most of the time people throw empty perfume boxes once they take the perfume bottle from it. This practice will result in losing the fragrance and many other characteristics of perfumes. They may even get exposed to light or other atmospheric changes, which may affect the quality. So, if you want to keep them for long and effective you need to store the perfumes in their actual packaging. Or else you can store them in a cupboard or a cabinet. Never throw the perfume boxes in the trash, even if you have a great collection of perfumes. The boxes will keep your perfumes safe.

To explore the variety of perfume gift boxes by Mocemsa, you can log on to mocemsa where you shall find pairs of masculine scents or pairs of one feminine and the other masculine perfumes. For instance, Rouge Men Eau De Parfum and The Proposal Luxury Women EDP Perfume Gift Set celebrates freshness and love. This set is meant for a couple with a sporty, macho man and a free-spirited romantic lady.

Pour Homme Vs Pour Femme

Well, before moving ahead we must know about the differences between Pour Homme and Pour Femme:

Pour Homme: This French term means 'for men.' A lot of the times you won't see any ending to women perfumes because they are the original scent. When they add something like Pour Homme, it is because the perfume has been crafted for men.

Pour Femme: On the other hand, Pour Femme is also a French term that means ‘for women.’ In perfumes, a perfume for women will have it written most of the time.