Model, Actor and Social Media Influencer: Zeno Dzudzevic is a young star on the Insta Block!


Zeno Dzudzevic is one of the young folks across the globe who took advantage of the picture and video sharing platform known as Instagram to build a modelling career owing to his popularity and following on the platform.

Zeno has worked so hard to be where he is today as one of the fastest rising Instagram stars. He is famously known today as an Instagram star, but there is a story behind his success on the platform.

Zeno Dzudzevic -Bio

Zeno is an Instagram Star. He was born on the 27th March 1995 in Germany.
Growing up, Zeno was exposed to fashion from his childhood, this turned out to be what fuelled her passion for modelling and fashion. As much as we would like to tell you about his education, we can not divulge much as he has carefully kept away that bit of information away from the prying eyes of the media.
Before his fame on Instagram, he worked as a product manager on a full-time basis a job that did not give him enough time to chase his dreams as a model until he called it quits channeling his time and energy to modelling which has eventually paid off.

How Did he Become So Famous?

Zeno Dzudzevic became famous for his activities on Instagram. He joined the platform on the 5th day of September 2016 with the username (zeno_vic). He got started on the social media platform by posting sizzling pictures. The sexiness of the pictures soon became the attracting magnet drawing many to his account. Although most of his pictures have been viewed with mixed feelings, yet it has not stopped many from flocking to his page like moths to the shining light.

With more and more pictures uploaded on the handle, he drew a steadily growing number of followers and in turn distinguished himself as an influencer on the platform. It was therefore not surprising when he started landing modelling gigs and endorsement deals.

A close peek on his handle and you will come across pictures of hid showcasing designs of the brand.
Well, Interestingly with well over 300k followers with sponsorship deals, the Handsome Zeno net worth should increase further in no distant time.

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