Model & Blogger, David Koch Shows Us How To Maintain A Perfect Dressing Style

David koch
David koch

When you imagine the job profile of a model, most people think of everyday life with cool photo shoots, pompous runway shows and a handsome salary. But that is only in the rarest moments of reality. This can also validate model David Koch. BOULEWAHR spoke to the influencer about the downsides of the business. David gets along well with his modeling jobs. He looks damn good, has more than half a million followers on Instagram alone, and runs the biggest fashion shows of the most prestigious designers. But even David Koch knows only too well how hard the international modeling industry can be every day and how hard you have to fight.
This is how David describes the vicious circle in the modeling industry

David is not only on the catwalk, but also in demand for shootings. Photo: tonyamatyu In the interview with BOULEWAHR, David clearly dispels many clichés and reveals: “You do not get much pay at the shows. It can often be that you only get the clothes paid. “But that’s not all. Because some catwalk beauties pay in part even on it. “As a model you have a lot of expenses, such as travel or food. I have also experienced that you have to carry something yourself. ”
That does not sound particularly tempting. “You have to be well booked to have no financial worries in this difficult scene,” David points out. But the number of jobs also depends on the respective references. What sounds like a vicious circle, David describes us as follows: “First, a certain image must be built. This is essential in the industry. And then it says: The more shows you run, the more offers you get – with the corresponding fees. ”
That’s why David owes his mum’s modeling career David is constantly on the move as a model and often shoots all over the world. Sometimes he even uses a helicopter. Photo: craigmwilliams That the 27-year-old ever modeled model and already for Dior, Armani, Calvin Klein or boss, he owes a very special woman – namely his mother. “She said I should just try it. My mother always believed in me and pushed me. Because of their encouragement, I did not give up and fought hard – without them, the big shows would not run today, “says the native Hesse proudly. Especially in the early days of his modeling career, David was hard-pressed to feel that his chosen career was not the easiest. “In the beginning, I often had to watch how I earn enough money. That was often not enough at all corners and ends. I have to admit, I was often on the verge of giving up, “David admits.

As an influencer, David earns more than on the catwalk

Above all, covering the running costs was always a challenge for him. “Hotel, flights, car rides – that alone you have to earn with bookings. It’s not just about fixed shows, but often about casting, “explains David. Especially: “When applying for shows by major designers, one is then one of some 400 other models, sometimes applying for just one job. That’s really tough and strong competition. ” At New York Fashion Week, David was reserved a seat in the front row. Photo: NYFW In the meantime, pretty Hesse has mastered this difficult initial phase and built up strong references. He does not have to worry about a lack of job offers. And that’s also because of his position as an influencer. As he admits to us, he earns higher fees with social media than with modeling. The 27-year-old explains: “When I sit in the audience, watch a show and promote it, you sometimes get more than those who come along. It is much more lucrative. It’s a weird development, but it has to keep up with the times if you want to survive in this business. ” And that’s what David Koch definitely did.

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