Modeling happened by chance to me, says supermodel Peter Shoukry

Art, in its real essence, encompasses more than what meets the eye. And those who blend passion and artistry to even the most obvious things in life, are the ones who take it to a whole new level and become real inspirations. Although modeling is about promoting creations of others as a muse, Peter Shoukry is one of those rare talents who have the innate ability to portray the creations of others and himself.

A creative artist and model, Peter Shoukry is one multi-talented and gifted personalities. His career achievements and work have made him a successful social influencer who leads the path for many modeling aspirants.

However, Peter’s journey as a model was not planned and happened as a surprise to himself. He was more inclined towards painting, which he started exploring and learning in high school. Soon after he graduated, he had the opportunity to exhibit his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, California, followed by 26 international galleries, over the years. A few years later, while exploring his art career, he was spotted by Slated Model Management. His charming personality and artistic vibes opened the doors to modeling. He was signed for Eufora fashion show and campaign. That was the beginning of what would become his future and gateway to success and recognition.

After three months with Slater, he signed with Envy Model Management. He has been associated with leading brands like Hugo Boss, Euphora International, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and William Lei, among many others, across 30 nationwide and 50 international shows like LA Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc. One could also spot him on the covers of GQ Magazine, McKlein USA, Traphic. His illustrious portfolio also boasts extensive work for celebrated designer Ralph Lauren, and he currently features as the new face of the brand and their look book.

His highest achievement as a model came by when he was awarded the Most Versatile Super Model Award from IFSM (International Fashion Supermodel Contest). Today, his art, as well as his modeling stints, have made him a popular face across social media with over 50k followers on Instagram alone.

Through modeling, Peter discovered his second passion and found an avenue for artistic expression in a different way. He is recognized as a supermodel, but he is a true artist at heart. Peter believes that modeling is nothing but performance arts of a different sort. His uniqueness comes from how he blends style and artistry and makes him and his work distinctive.