'Modi Urban Nazi to Hai': Anurag Kashyap sticks to his guns after deleting fake Hitler video

On Tuesday, Anurag Kashyap stuck to his guns despite sharing a fake video which insinuated that Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler had made similar utterances.

He said that while he deleted his ‘fake news’, Modi supporters didn’t delete any of his ‘fake news’.

He said that his devotees were running fake news, and refused to apologise saying Modi was ‘Urban Nazi’.

He wrote: “It was found that the subtitles of the video were incorrect and it is now deleted. But till date, Opindia did not delete any of its fake news. Bhakts are still running the two-year-old headlines of CBI probe, and now they are tired of bringing up something against me because they want me to shut up.”

Earlier, taking a sarcastic dig at the speech, Anurag Kashyap shared a video of Adolf Hitler on Monday morning, where he apparently says: "I know who is hating me. Hate me it is your wish but don't hate Germany."

However, he later deleted the video after users pointed out that the translation was wrong and that’s not what Hitler was saying.

The internet is wont to make Hitler comparisons for everything and it has become the norm to call all political opponents fascist

He also posted a tweet in Hindi on Sunday evening which roughly translates to, "PM Sahab, the police are beating up the common people everywhere, who are either fighting back or fleeing. Several have been killed. It's not good to be so blind. If possible, visit a good eye specialist doctor, and try speaking a little bit about those who have actually died. Stop lying. #JaiSamvidhan".

While delivering a speech at Delhi's Ramlila ground on Sunday, the Prime Minister had said: "Burn Modi's effigy, but do not burn public property. Hate me if you want to, but don't hate India. Burn my effigy, but don't burn a poor man's auto-rickshaw."

The filmmaker has been a staunch critic of the recently amended Citizenship Act and has actively voiced his dissent about the issue.