This Modified Hero Splendor Costs Rs 2 Lakh and Is Hard to Recognize

Hero MotoCorp currently stands as the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. And a major chunk of its sales can be attributed to its popular commuter offering, Splendor. The bike gets its share of praise every month when it tops the sales chart in India. But that is not why we are here. The two splendors that you see above is extremely unique and if that didn’t impress you allow us to tell you that it costs almost Rs 2 lakh.

Now before we dive to find out the whys of the modification. Hear out what has been done to the motorcycle. First up, the chassis has been chopped to make the bike shorter in length. This means that the bike now sports no tail section at all. Bye-bye beloved pillion.

Other changes on the bike include a new fuel tank, which reaks of one of the Pulsars. Also the side panels seem to have been lifted from the same bike. The rear suspension apart from what one might suspect is not gas-charged. The bike sits on a new set of alloy wheels.

At the front, the bike gets a customized headlamp which is a skull. However, that is not even the most intriguing part about the motorcycle until you see the exhaust. He aftermarket unit is extremely loud and reminds of the sweet two-strokes back in the day. In spite of all the changes the bike is still powered by the same Splendor engine, which might kill the fun for a lot.