Mohamad Ghayad reveals success secrets of Le Maraige!


Mohamad Ghayad reveals success secrets of Le Maraige

Mohamad Ghayad had let the cat out of the bag of the secrets that made Le Mariage such a dominant force in the wedding industry in the Middle-East. In the ten years of operations of the company, they have taken over 50 royal weddings for the biggest families across the world. At PB Live event organised by Preston Bailey in New York on the 14th of August 2019, the founder of the leading architectural wedding design company shares tips on how they have created magical wedding designs over the years.

Mohamad, who upholds that the kinds of architectural and transformational weddings they create are different from most of the weddings in the world, shares secrets on how they pull off their projects. According to him, there are three main important key elements when creating their wedding designs.

The first key element is getting the ideas and inspiration for the wedding design.
Mohamad said, “When the clients contact us the first question we ask is how transformational are we able to go. In the first meetings with clients we start getting to know their characters, personalities, hobbies, their favourite colours, movies, paintings and everything they like. It’s very important for us to get all references from them in order to have a vision, which inspires us to start creating ideas and transform them into 3D design.”

He continued by stating the second key element which involves creating the 3D design. “When we start creating the design, we first think, what new style we are going to introduce this time. Then we start visualizing the space and start creating the floor layout. After floor layout we start with the ceiling layout creation. After we design it, we are working on loading calculations and the ceiling metal structure to hold the ceiling décor and elements. After designing the ceiling, we start working on the lighting and the ceiling trusses plan. Lighting is very important in any event or a wedding because it has the power to create the ambience and the mood. It’s important to combine technology to our designs. We always use the latest technology in our projects in different ways,” he said.

The final icing on the cake for Le Mariage to bring imagination to reality, according to the founder is collaboration with other professionals in the field of art, technology and proper wedding designs.

Mohamad said, “After creating the design, we start searching for the best artists. We always want to bring something new and something different. It’s very important to collaborate with international professionals from each field. Together we can make a magic and bring new energy to the final result. After designing and combining all elements together we have the final result and it’s very important to always create and deliver the same result and same what you showed and promised to your client.”

Preston Bailey is one of the most successful florists in the world. He is known for his ability to transform spaces into theatrical environments while his art has appeared in many countries. PB Live was three days’ educational event for industry professionals from all around the world, teaching and inspiring them how to plan and design weddings.

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