Mohd Zubair Ali Taking Food Blogging By Storm & Inspiring New Budding Bloggers

Mohd Zubair Ali Taking Food Blogging By Storm & Inspiring New Budding Bloggers

Here is a tête-à-tête with Mohd Zubair Ali who is setting new benchmarks in the field of food-blogging in India. Read on…

Mohd Zubair Ali


What inspired you to become a food expert/ food connoisseur? Tell us from the beginning how you discovered your love for food.

Becoming a food enthusiast was never in the plan. All I knew was I loved everything about food. I became a food expert over time. It took me 9 years to reach where I am today. It all started while I was doing my industrial training in the 2nd year of my college. My journey as a “foodie” began while I was training in the kitchen at the Marriott Hotel.


Tell us about your food blog/ Instagram. How often do you cook?

My whole purpose of starting an Instagram handle was to let people know that Hyderabad is not only about Biryani. There is so much to Hyderabad as a city. It started with a simple food post and now Hyderabad Food Diaries is the most known and loved food blog of Hyderabad. And no, I don’t cook! I am banned in the kitchen by my mom.


What does your day to day schedule look like? Tell us in detail about the various aspects of your work.

My day begins with multiple meetings where I either meet chefs, operations managers or owners of new/old eateries to discuss marketing & promotions of their places. My evenings are packed with events and dinners which I write blogs about or promote it on my Instagram. It is been more than 2yrs that I have been attending dinners/events daily (every single day). Being busy is a blessing! That’s every-day schedule.


A career in food blogging/ food photography is still considered to be unconventional in India. What’s your take on that?

Food Blogging as a career is still unconventional In India, but times are changing! I am happy and glad to see that I am not the only full-time food blogger in India. Bloggers from other cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, etc are making a mark in this field. The time is not far when Food blogging will be one of the coolest jobs to do.


How can one build a career as a food expert/ food photographer? Give the top food blogs that inspire you the most?

Being a food expert sounds fancy but it’s not an easy task. It takes years of experience, knowledge, understanding of food & connects to make it big. To begin your career in food blogging one needs to have all these skills, plus socially active. The world runs on Social media Platforms.


What’s the best thing about being a food expert?

Meeting People! Yes, that’s the best part apart from delicious food. On my journey of becoming a food expert, I have met some of the incredible personalities with great minds.


What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods?

“BIRYANI” you can never remove Biryani from a Hyderabadi! I live in a city where you get the best Biryani in the whole world. I can eat Biryani 365 days and I am not joking.


As much as technology has connected us like never before, it also made us lonelier. Does food bring you closer to your loved ones?

It works the other way around for me. Technology & food are two parallel lines when you are an active food blogger. I believe in holding hands and growing together. I have helped a lot of upcoming bloggers in understanding & realizing their dreams of becoming a food blogger. All this was possible because of technology & food. I have met people as strangers over food and they are family now.

(Hyderabad Food Diaries is the most loved, famous & inspirational Instagram handle in Hyderabad. It is one of the oldest blogs which has inspired many young upcoming bloggers to pursue their passion for food!)


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