Mom claims 8th-grade teacher cut daughter's hair: 'I don't want this man around my child'

A teacher at Somersworth Middle School allegedly cut an eighth-grader's hair because she would not stop playing with it; now, her mother wants school officials to remove him from the school. (Photo: Facebook)

A woman in New Hampshire claims that her daughter's eighth-grade teacher threatened her and then cut her hair. Now, the mom is asking school officials to act after the teacher was allegedly suspended for only three days while an internal investigation occurred.

Jillian Miglionico told WMUR that while her daughter was in class at Somersworth Middle School, the teacher told her daughter to stop playing with her hair. When she did not stop, the teacher allegedly threatened to cut it off.

"He threatened her and said, 'Well, if you don’t stop playing with your hair, I’m going to cut your hair off.' And she was like, 'No, you can't do that.' He said, 'Oh yeah? Watch me,'” Miglionico told the news outlet. According to the mother, the teacher then took a pair of scissors and cut off a three-inch chunk of the student’s hair.

Miglionico's daughter, who she says was scared and embarrassed, did not report the incident. However, a teacher's aide at the school came forward. The aide informed the principal, who then called Miglionico to let her know what had happened, reported WISTV.

But on Monday, Miglionico was shocked to learn that the teacher had already returned to the classroom and that her daughter is still his student.

“He missed, I think, three days of school while the internal investigation happened and now he’s back in school and they put her right back in his classroom... It’s basically a total disregard to her,” Miglionico said.

“I don’t want this man around my child,” Miglioncio said, adding that she wants the teacher removed.

Superintendent of School Administrative Unit 56, Robert Gadomski, informed WMUR that his office is conducting an investigation and that he could not comment further as the incident involved a minor.

Gadomski and Miglionico did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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