Mom picks up bullied son from school bus stop armed with assault rifle

A mother greeted her son at the bus stop carrying an assault rifle after he claimed he was bullied. (Photo: Getty Images)

A mother picked up her bullied child from the bus stop carrying an assault rifle, sending the school community into a panic.

This week, the North Carolina mom, who wouldn’t reveal her name to news station WSOCTV, was videotaped armed at her son’s school bus stop, after receiving a text message from the 11-year-old that he was bullied on the ride.

Intending to question the bus driver, the mother decided to walk over to the stop. However, on her way, she spied wild animals emerging from the woods. “If they were here, they would have seen coyotes on my property and I was scared...and when I was coming back up to my house, is when the bus pulled up,” she told WSOCTV.

Still holding the weapon, the mother approached the school bus and began talking to the driver about the bullying incident.

But a kid on the bus filmed the mother holding the gun and posted it on social media, later upsetting families.

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When the incident was reported to the Stanly County Sheriff's Office, it was determined that the mom merely showed poor judgement. A spokesperson for the police department was not available when called for comment by Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Obviously we're gonna suggest no one take a gun to a bus stop to pick up a child, but as far as criminal we can't find a crime here," Chris Huneycutt with the Stanly County Sheriff's Office told WSOCTV.

The mother claims she was caught in a bad place at the wrong time. “I would not hurt nobody else’s child because I wouldn’t want it done to my child,” she told the Charlotte station.

A school spokesperson told the news station that it took “appropriate action” for the boy’s bully.

Superintendent Jeff James of the Stanly County Schools district tells Yahoo Lifestyle the mother allegedly “forgot” that she was carrying a gun, however, it was “not fair” to upset the students.

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