A mom’s viral video with toddler shows why finding ‘me-time’ can be a challenge

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A video of a mom and her toddler is going viral on social media. (Source: Hillary Loveland/Facebook)

Like most other moms desperate for some "me-time" amid parenting responsibilities, Hillary Loveland from Michigan decided to invest in self-care through an at-home workout.

In a now viral video, the mom of a toddler named Otis is seen getting ready to exercise. Just when she lies down on the floor, her child comes and spills milk on her face. The mother captioned the post, "Just a mom taking time out of my day for me."

As hilarious as the video might seem, it also points to the everyday challenges that mothers, especially of younger children, have to face. They have to be vigilant and constantly on their toes for their little ones with no respite.

Self-care is very important for parents. Taking care of a child can be exhausting and you cannot do it properly unless you are physically, emotionally and mentally fit. Lack of self-care can impact your mood negatively, thereby your relationship with your child.

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Loveland was quoted as saying by a daily that while she knew her son would climb on her, she was not expecting to be covered in milk. "He was jumping all over me and not allowing me to actually work out. So I turned the camera on to film that, and got something completely different," she said.

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Social media users found the video extremely relatable. One of them commented, "me every day" while another said, "yeah been there".