Momar Sakanoko French basketball star is changing the game

Brand Voice
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Momar Sakanoko the french professional basketball player retired from his basketball career after a successful season playing for the club of bahia basket.

The french basketball star is now taking a new route by building the Be Great Company. Momar said in a previous interview that this was his dream and that he couldn’t wait to get at it.

He is now fully focused on developing the Be Great Company and has brought with him some of the top sport agents, marketing experts, film makers and more to take the company to the next level.

The company is now growing into one of the best agencies in the world and has the potential to be the best in the business.

Be Great Company is a worldwide full service company serving some of the best talents, brands and properties.

Momar’s vision is what makes the company so different, when asked what separates him from others, he said, ”absolutely everything, our way to work, the vision, the ambition, and just the hustle and hard work that we put in. I feel like no one on earth does that.”

Momar Sakanoko is really confident when it comes to his future and Be Great Company should be the best agency in the world anytime soon.

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