Moment Boris Johnson ignores John Bercow and walks out of Parliament following bitter debate

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Boris Johnson left the Chamber despite being told by Speaker John Bercow to stay for points of order (Grab)

This is the extraordinary moment Boris Johnson ignored House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and walked out of Parliament following a long and fiery debate.

The Prime Minister faced an onslaught of fury from opposition MPs over his use of the term ‘Surrender Bill’ and his speech connecting murdered MP Jo Cox to Brexit.

Mr Bercow later clarified his comments after earlier telling the PM to "sit down" (PA)

Once the debate was over, MPs called for points of order - questions over whether Parliamentary procedure had been violated - and Mr Bercow intervened when he saw Mr Johnson walking out of the chamber.

He told the PM: “It would be a courtesy to stay for the points of order. The points of order relate to the matter we've just been dealing with, go and sit down.”

However, Mr Johnson ignored the Speaker and walked out, prompting booing and jeering from the opposition benches.

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Mr Bercow told MPs: “I asked the Prime Minister if he'd be willing to stay but he doesn't wish to do so. So be it.”

However, the Speaker later clarified his comments, telling the House: “I didn't say to the PM that the point of order related to his conduct or behaviour, I didn't say that I did know what the point of order was going to be.

“I said to the PM that the point of order related to the matter to which we had just been dealing…”

The PM had been speaking in the Commons for over three hours before he left the chamber (PA)

He added: “I suggested to the PM that he might wish to stay. He indicated initially that he was minded to do so but he then decided that he wished to leave the chamber.

“He has been here since 6.30pm. He has been here for three hours and 11 minutes and he decided to leave.”

Mr Johnson has been widely criticised for his words during yesterday’s debate, during which he dismissed an MP’s concerns over death threats as “hogwash”.

Today the PM stood firm and refused to apologise after he told MPs they should honour the memory of murdered parliamentarian Jo Cox by delivering Brexit.

There was uproar in Parliament when the Prime Minister repeatedly berated MPs, rejected calls to temper his language and said the best way to honour Mrs Cox – an ardent Remainer – was to “get Brexit done”.

Commons Speaker John Bercow pleaded with parliamentarians on all sides to tackle the “toxic” political culture, and said the House “did itself no credit” in the angry exchanges which followed the Prime Minister’s statement.

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