Mon Laferte goes topless on 2019 Latin Grammy Awards red carpet

We often talk about the best dressed and the worst dressed celebrities on red carpets. But 2019 Latin Grammy Awards witnessed something that had the whole world shook.

Chilean-Mexican singer Mon Laferte was present at the 20th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday. The singer made more than a fashion statement.

Laferte dropped a black trench coat around her shoulders exposing her bare breast. This wasn’t a fashion moment, the singer was protesting in support of Chilean rights.

Mon Laferte wrote a message on her breast that read, 'In Chile they torture, kill, and rape.'

She also tied a green handkerchief around her neck to support the legalization of abortion.

The singer’s protest at the Grammy’s red carpet was in an attempt to bring attention to the ongoing crisis in Chile.

Mon Laferte is the most famous and listened to Chilean artist around the globe. Mon bagged her second Latin Grammy trophy this year for her album Norma. Norma won the best alternative music album.

While accepting her award the singer said, “What emotion...[Thanks] to my colleagues and especially to the public, the people, the fans that are there, without people nothing could happen.” (In Spanish)

“This is for Chile,” she added.

Mon Laferte also recited a poem by Chilean poet La Chinganera.

'Chile hurts me inside,' she read.

'You bleed me through every vein, every chain that imprisons you to the center weighs me, Chile outside, Chile inside, Chile to the sound of injustice, the militia boot, the bullet that doesn't listen, no it will stop our struggle until justice is done.'

The South American country has been demonstrating a mass protest in support for a new constitution. The mass demonstration has been going on for a month now. Millions of Chilean citizens have been rioting, demanding better pensions, healthcare, and education.

In case you want to see how Mon Laferte demonstrates the protest ahead, she will be attending the K'ay Chiapas Festival on November 23 at Mexico's Panchon Contreras Stadium in Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

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