Monalisa Nguyen’s story on what inspired her to become a travel influencer

“Dreams don’t work until you do.” These words are worth a million dollars cause to achieve your dreams you need to work for it. Monalisa Nguyen has been chasing her dreams. The day she realized about her monotonous life, she stepped out of her comfort zone and pursued her dream of travelling with some extraordinary experiences. She aims to travel the entire globe and live a balanced life with influencing people’s lives in a positive light.

Talking about it, Monalisa said, “By nature, I’m someone who has always been fascinated with travelling and with what goes into crafting that flawless guest experience. However, like most people with a job, I was tied to my desk working at a mortgage company with no work-life balance. I felt drawn towards a life of more freedom, less monotony and more meaning.”

After quitting her work a couple of years ago, Monalisa changed her company with less pay and more flexibility. However, her decision had its own set of struggles and financial setbacks. But that did not stop her. Her determination, perseverance and support of the loved ones made her achieve the balance she wanted in her life and today the travel influencer is living her life to the fullest.

Monalisa feels that the best part about work-fun balance is that she can do both simultaneously whenever and however she wants to. There’s no pressure from any authority. Travelling has helped her in exploring herself. With a shift in her work life, she has been discovering resorts that showcase hypnotic views, delectable culinary, unparalleled service and once in a lifetime experiences. Monalisa has been uncovering and exploring all the travel destinations she ever dreamt of. Italy, Norway, Japan, Sweden are some of the places in her bucket list which she wants to explore by the coming year.