Money Heist Makers Share Why 'The Professor' Spin-off is Uncertain

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Money Heist has been one of the most thrilling shows on Netflix. It has a powerful cast and a storyline that has left an entire generation impressed. The show has been in the limelight recently as its Season 5 is soon going to be released. However, this time the makers have taken an out of the box approach and have decided to release one volume on a major streaming platform on September 3 while the other volume will be rolled out on December 3.

As the fans eagerly wait for 'Money Heist' season 5, the show's executive producer Jesus Colmenar elaborated upon why it is uncertain for him to go deeper into Professor’s life and background. He discussed the details with the Indian Express. For the unversed, The Professor is one of the main characters of the Spanish show. The role is played by Alvaro Morte. If a character sketch of professor had to be done, it would include traits like under-confident, socially awkward and nerdy. One of his signature characteristics lies in the fact that he cannot strike a conversation beyond his mastermind duties. He looks dashing and is a sophisticated man at large.

As per Jesus, Professor’s backstory and the details of his probable past are already in the show if a person watches it closely. On being asked if he would do a spin-off of The Professor, he said, "Maybe, but it’s already in Money Heist."The makers are of the view that a spin off to a character needs to be about an entirely different universe, and as a result the focus also needs to move elsewhere.

Showrunner Alex Pina is of the view that each character in the Money Heist series is so detailed that one can make different series on individual characters. He added that each character individually has sufficient material for independent series. However, Money Heist already tells their stories sufficiently.

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