'Money Heist' returning with Season 5, fans speculate about ending

Shubham Dasgupta
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22 Feb 2021: 'Money Heist' returning with Season 5, fans speculate about ending

Netflix is gearing up to release the fifth instalment of its widely popular series, Money Heist, sometime this summer.

This last part might release in August 2021, and will consist of 10 episodes.

News has it that filming of the last season is scheduled to be in Spain, Denmark and Portugal.

Further, actors like Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado are joining the cast.

Cliff hanger: Fans want to know what's happened to the Professor

While Silvestre is known for Sense8, and might play a villain in the last season, Criado is mostly known for The Aspirant, Plastic Sea, and The King.

Meanwhile, fans are hyped about how the Spanish heist crime drama TV series might end, especially after the Season 4 cliff hanger showed cops tracing the Professor's hideout.

Alvaro Morte, who plays Professor, is returning.

Fact: Berlin actor confirms return; this has excited fans more

Pedro Alonso, who essays the role of the infamous jewel thief Berlin, confirmed last July that he is coming back to the show as well. So this has spiked the excitement of ardent viewers, who have since churned out several endings for the Spanish drama.

Theory: Will Rio be alright by the end of season 5?

The first speculation about Season 5 started with the fate of Miguel Herrán's character, Rio.

Images surfacing on the Internet don't show a promising situation Rio is in.

Fanning those concerns is a particular Instagram selfie story by Herrán.

In that post, he is seen inside a changing room, showing off his bruised body in a mirror reflection with the caption, 'Rio..'

Alicia: Pictures from the sets say Najwa Nimri is returning

Then comes the speculation around the rendition of Bella Ciao on Season 4.

When the credits roll, actress Najwa Nimri sings the resistance anthem as Inspector Alicia Sierra.

She also delivers a powerful last line of dialogue before credits start rolling.

A wild card, Alicia's return might be a coincidence, but she is indeed coming back, as she had posted pictures from the sets.

Details: Who is Tokyo narrating the story to? Fans say, 'Axel'

Finally, we might get to see the other person who is listening to Tokyo's narration of the entire heist saga.

The first four seasons have never revealed her listener, but fans are saying that Axel, Nairobi's son, might be the one on the other side.

An Axel-lookalike was introduced in the Bank of Spain to mislead and ultimately assassinate Nairobi.

Let's wait and watch.