Money Pug: The Remarkable Growth of an Industry Leading Price Comparison Platform


Lee Whitbread struck gold when he founded Money Pug, a company that has grown into an industry leading entity, leading the charge in an era of modern commercial activities. Money Pug offers its users a great platform for comparison between varying UK based products and services.
Money Pug as a Pup

As a pup, Money Pug was a marketing entity aimed at improving the visibility of its clients. Through his savvy online marketing skills, Lee was able to chart a path to success for numerous family brands. He did this by applying his cutting edge business knowledge with his knack for marketing. The results were amazing as business owners watched their online presence grow tremendously followed by an increase in clientele.
Growing Into a Loyal and Indispensable Brand

As time passed, naturally this commerce born pug grew into a lovable dog- the current Money Pug. Lee Whitbread combined the knowledge of business studies education and hands on experience to create an amazing company. Amazingly, he has tapped into a very competitive field charting his way to the top ranks in just a few years.

The company provides invaluable price comparison services for users who seek to find the best deals available for financial products and a number of goods and services in the UK. From car insurance to loans, mobile phones and holiday packages Money Pug’s featured entities are many and varied. The company meets a need that is relevant in today’s commercial environment which is characterized by electronic and virtual strategies and platforms.
Through Money Pug, consumers enjoy the convenience of comparing prices and finding the best offers without much hassle. This is largely because Whitbread and his team have been able to extract reliable data on a wide range of services and assemble them in one place. No need for extensive legwork or exhausting browsing around. Money Pug has done it all so you can get to the point and find the best deal. And the biggest perk of all; just like a dog’s love is free, Money Pug’s platform is free for browsers to use. There’s no need to worry about fees as the company earns its revenue from commissions paid by the companies listed.

Amassing in excess of 100K visitors monthly, Money Pug’s online platform has been a paragon of success. This is a reflection of the enthusiasm with which the Money Pug team approaches the business. Today, Money Pug’s name is synonymous with convenience, reliability and of course savings. This upward trend has not gone unnoticed by industry experts.

Money Pug’s Future – A Vision of Continuous Success
What can you expect from Money Pug in the future? The team is constantly contemplating new ways of serving consumers and so expansion is a given. Whitbread and his team are committed to their ultimate goal of becoming the ultimate source for consumers who need data in order to make important purchasing decisions. Undoubtedly this remarkable commercial entity will continue to grow its way into the homes and hearts of consumers in the UK and all the world.

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