Monsoon 2021: Here's What To Eat And What To Avoid During Rainy Season

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Monsoon is one of the widely appreciated seasons of the year. During this time many people like to channelise their inner foodie and end up eating unhealthy food. Consumption of delicious fried food items like pakoras is quite common. While it is true that the season of rain is worth enjoying, one must not forget that this is also a time when a person is more prone to contracting a variety of diseases like typhoid, food poisoning, diarrhoea etc.

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Apart from that seasonal flu and fever, the spread of waterborne diseases is also quite common during this time. Therefore it is important for us to be extra careful especially during this period.

What to eat:

This season brings along a lot of humidity due to which people sweat more than usual and essential salts from the body get depleted. In order to maintain the balance one should increase their intake of healthy beverages like fresh soup, kadha, herbal tea etc.

Consumption of seasonal fruits will provide adequate vitamins and minerals to the body.

Vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin etc are widely available during this time. All of these are rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants which helps in keeping the stomach healthy.

Intake of herbs and spices like pepper, tulsi, mint, neem should be increased as they have anti-inflammatory properties which will help you in keeping things such as flu etc away.

What to avoid:

Due to increased humidity and temperature there are chances of fungal growth on leafy vegetables. Therefore, it is better if you don’t eat these vegetables in the season. In case you are very fond of such vegetables then make sure you wash them thoroughly and only consume it in cooked form.

The rainy season can have an impact on the gastrointestinal system. In order to prevent it one must avoid eating oily or fried food.

One of the biggest issues during this season is water contamination so all seafood including all types of fish should be avoided as they can be carriers of hazardous diseases.

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