Monsoon Special 2019: Foods One Should Avoid this Season

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As Monsoons have finally arrived we couldn't be more excited. However, with Monsoons come to a lot of problems. One of such problems is health issues like food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. So in order to avoid getting sick during this romantic season, one needs to avoid eating and drinking some specific food items.

So as certain of parts of the country are already witnessing monsoons in full swing, we bring to you a list of five food items that you need to be avoid in order to have a healthy monsoon:

Pakoras: No matter how irresistible the combination of Pakoras and Chai is, one needs to avoid Pakoras as they tend to lead to an upset stomach. Moreover, Pakoras sold by hawkers are extremely unhygienic and harmful for consumption as they are deep-fried in already used oil.

Roadside Juices: Even though juices tend to be healthy for the body, one should totally avoid having it from roadside shops. The juice sold by these street vendors often made out of stale fruits or fruits that are cut well in advance.

Leafy vegetables: It is highly recommended to avoid leafy vegetables during monsoon as the dirt and water present in leaves make them vulnerable to the germs. However, if one wants to have it then they should thoroughly wash them before cooking.

Chaat: Everyone loves their share of chatapata pani-puri chart. However every kind of chart from gol gappas to dahi puri should be avoided as they are made with contaminated water. Consumption of this infected water can lead to diseases like jaundice and diarrhea.

Fizzy Drinks: Consumption of fizzy drink tends to reduce minerals in our body. So one should avoid getting in such a situation by always carrying a water bottle. One can also sip on warm drinks or nimbu panni.