Month Wise Multivitamins-Iron-Calcium During Pregnancy

Month Wise Multivitamins-Iron-Calcium During Pregnancy

I am Dr. Vandana Walvekar.

I am an Obstetrician and gynecologist practising since more than 30 years. I have been associated with Dean Wadia Maternity hospital, Professor Seth G.S. Medical College. I am the president of Ultrasound Federation of India and also  Pereditology Society of India. I'm also a Post Graduate teacher and an examinee. I have a consulting clinic- Ashirwaad Clinic and am currently consultant at Bhatia Hospital.

My main area of concentration is women’s health across all ages. My specialty is treating pregnant women with ailments like obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes. I feel that women’s health is one of the most neglected aspects of healthcare and it's time to take charge of the situation.


I’m 17 weeks pregnant. I'm experiencing pain in the right back. Is that normal?

Muscles spasm due to growing uterus. These kinds of pains and pressures on muscle are normal. If the intensity of pain is too much or it persists for a week then consult your doctor.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have cold and cough. How to deal with it?

Body is prone to these kinds of infections. Try home remedies. If it persists consult your gynaecologist for antibiotics. All medicines must be taken in consultation with your doctor as they may affect the foetus.


How to deal with weakness during pregnancy?

Weakness can be due to anemia or. Multivitamin deficiency.

Undertake blood tests to determine the deficiency and then take medicines accordingly.


I delivered my baby and I'm still experiencing post pregnancy pains. Is this normal?

Post pregnancy minute contractions due to shrinking of uterus cause slight pain. You should still consult your doctor.


I'm in the third month of my pregnancy. Is it safe to have sexual relations?

It should be avoided during first and final trimesters as its a precarious phase for the mothers. However it is safe during the second trimester as long as the mother doesn't exert herself too much.


I'm in the third month of my pregnancy and I have pain in abdomen. Is this normal?

It is important to find out the reason of the pain. It could be due to infection or cyst around uterus or may be appendix.


I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I have a strong craving for clay. Is this normal?

Cravings often signify what nutrient the body is lacking in. A craving for clay indicates mineral deficiency. Consult your doctor immediately to discuss supplements.


My 13th week of pregnancy is over. There's a lot of saliva in my mouth. Is this because of morning sickness?

Visit an ENT specialist to check if saliva glands are functioning normally.


I have been having a whitish discharge and pain. Is this normal?

Whitish discharge is normal but if it's accompanied by pain then it may be due to vaginal infection. Get it checked by your doctor immediately.


How to overcome morning sickness and giddiness?

Drink a glass of milk with added supplements. There is more weakness in morning so include natural sweets like fruits in breakfast. Consult your doctor for medicines to keep vomiting under control.


What are some dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Stress, sex and heavy physical exertion should be avoided. Healthy diet should be maintained and food from outside source should be avoided. Consult your doctor about vaccinations and take them on time. The most important medications are anti-tetanus and flu.


How to prevent urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Wash and clean your pubic region with mild soap every day. Drink plenty of water.


How to increase haemoglobin levels during pregnancy?

Ideal level is between 11 to 12. If levels are around 7-8 then injection is mandatory. If its slightly lesser than 11 then discuss dosage of iron supplements with doctor.


I'm 5 weeks pregnant and unable to find heartbeat of the foetus.

Nothing to worry about. Fetal heartbeat is audible by 8 weeks and fetus will be visible in sonography.


I haven't felt movement of foetus in 4 weeks of pregnancy.

If it's your first pregnancy then it might be difficult for you to sense the movement. You can get a sonography done for your satisfaction.


I'm 9 months pregnant and experiencing waist pain.

The growing fetus starts moving towards the pelvis at this stage. Pelvis starts relaxing which puts pressure on spine. Ointment can be applied for topical treatment. Check for strain on ligament or pain in bone. Calcium supplements are a must.


I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have pain in knee.

Healthy pregnancy has no complication with knee pain. Other reasons should be checked. Consult your doctor.


I'm in the 3rd month of pregnancy. I experience weakness, loss of appetite and constipation. What should I do?

It is common during pregnancy to experience these. Exercise lightly to increase appetite. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables and fiber sources. Mild laxative can be taken for constipation.


I'm 10 weeks pregnant, which vitamins do I need to take?

Calcium, folic acid and B12 (tablets) are mandatory for pregnancy. This is because food alone is not a sufficient supplement for the rapidly changing body of mother and baby. If unable to consume tablet due to morning sickness then use injections.


I'm currently 5 months pregnant. I feel giddy and experience darkness before my eyes.

Immediately get checked for blood sugar, blood pressure, calcium deficiency and anemia.


I experience bleeding while excreting. What should I do?

First find out if its vaginal or anal. Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.


What foods are rich in calcium and from when should I start calcium supplements?

Calcium should be started as early as 10 weeks and should be continued upto lactation period. Green vegetables and banana are rich in calcium. Iron supplements are also a must. Take syrup if swallowing tablets is difficult for you.


What should be the normal iron level during pregnancy?

Normal iron level is 27-30 mg (elemental). During pregnancy this should be double so healthy iron level is 60mg(elemental). For the body to absorb at least this much iron tablets must be of the dosage 250/300 mg.


What vitamins should be avoided during pregnancy?

Vitamin K should not be taken unless advised by doctor. Protein level should be in check. Hypervitamin levels aren't healthy.


When should Ultrasound scans be done during pregnancy?

First ultrasound is normally done at 11-12 weeks. Second is done after 4 months. The next is scheduled for 16- 20 weeks.


I recently experienced some bleeding. Is this normal?

Bleeding can be a dangerous sign and shouldn't be ignored. It could be due to problems in placenta. Consult your doctor immediately.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have anemia. What's the best method to take supplements?

At such an advanced stage it's best to take iron supplements by injection since tablets take time to be absorbed.


It has been 34 days since I delivered and I still have stretch marks and sagging breasts. What should I do?

Stretch marks can take upto 3-6 to fade and a lot more time to dull considerably. Abdominal exercises and proper skin care can help. Do not try to manipulate breasts for desired size or shape till lactating period is over. As your child weans off breastmilk, they'll gradually come back to shape.


Is it normal to have pain in groin while sitting?

Sometimes it's OK. If the pain is persistent then it may be due to swelling and vaginal infection.


I'm 3 months pregnant. What should my diet consist of?

Foods rich in protein and iron are mandatory. Milk intake is must. However if you don't like milk you can substitute it with curd. Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.


What fruits are good during pregnancy?

Almost all fruits are a healthy choice during pregnancy. The best and most economical is banana since it's filled with necessary nutrients in proper proportion. It's also easily digested and high in fiber which makes it effective.


What kind of sonography should be done?

If possible get at least one 3D-4D colour sonography. Otherwise regular sonography is also OK.


Which iron tablets are good supplements during pregnancy?

Any supplement prescribed by your doctor will suffice.


How to determine contraction pains?

If the pain is rhythmic and the time between pain gradually decrease then contact your doctor immediately.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have been diagnosed with stone. I stopped taking calcium. Is it bad for the foetus?

It's not necessarily bad for the foetus. But stone should be observed and treated else you can experience problems in delivery. Drink lots of water.


Can pomegranate cause harm to blood?

No. In fact it's one of the fruits which you must consume during pregnancy.


It has been one month since I miscarried. I experience waist pain and I haven't had my period yet.

Waist pain should be checked by doctor in case you have infection. Periods will be irregular for a while. Don't take too much stress. It'll eventually come back in cycle.


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