Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for July 2019.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.


Your desire to be like fire and make decisions quickly can put you on the pulse of life, but it can also mean that you do things that are too impulsive, and ultimately not in your best interests. To prevent worry, be productive and proactive. Happiness will be generated by work. It is the effect, not the cause. Your high self-confidence generates powerful health and helps leaders to excel. You are a positive source of inspiration for others and your energy is infectious. You enjoy cordial relationships with friends and family – you are everyone’s friend. Financially, you should exercise caution. Fire signs, like air signs, are prone to excess spending. Some things may not go as planned, but this is where lessons lie. What can you do differently? Change is a part of life, and thus we must be prepared to evolve rather than sit stagnantly. This should not be an issue for you. This is a lesson you are born knowing. An inner sense of restlessness may push you to want to make changes in some matters of life. Don’t resist change, go for it! Your health will only be negatively impacted by poor thinking. Remember that you are the master of your thoughts and take time to sit with them, like little wild animals. Watch them scamper and realize they can do no real harm.


An urge to be alone is strong right now, as you require serenity and solitude. Your need for both should be respected, as this will help you restore a sense of equilibrium to yourself. All earth signs need grounding, and being in nature, particularly forests or woodland, is very healing for you, as is the color green. As the sun moves into Leo, your career starts to take form, infused with a sense of fire that assists your earth-bound energy and desire to move forward. Financially and romantically, this is an excellent month for you, and you will stop to embrace and enjoy all of life’s gifts. Mercury in Cancer may trigger minor quarrels. You need to be listened to and will react unfavorably if you are not. By the 26th, Mercury moves into Leo which makes you generous, devoted and demonstrative in love, as well as expectant and romantic. You want to feel like the center of the world in your loved one’s eyes. Venus in Leo makes you innovative, bold, courageous and very invigorated in love. You truly want to live life to the full and your passions are up. Mars in Leo makes friendship the order of the day. A lion needs pride.


Clever with cash, you are enjoying the fruits of your choices. You don’t turn to earn through practical means but via your intellect. The key to your success is your intelligence and ability to communicate. As the sun moves into Leo on the 17th, you crave being social. The company of others becomes essential. Gemini’s require sounding boards, and often this takes the form of other people. This helps you understand who you are. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Cancer which creates a period of profit especially for those who toil in creative fields. Gemini’s are natural writers, singers, dancers, and actors. They are quick, great mimics and very expressive. A field where you get to change or evolve is very appealing to you on many levels. On the 26th, Mercury moves into Leo and you may experience a dip in your enthusiasm. Go inward and find ways to focus on the breath and the being. On the 16th, Venus moves into Leo which creates a financially and romantically excellent time. Love transcends constructed borders. You and your partner may have differences, but love conquers, especially if it is true. On the 9th, Mars moves into Leo and you may have difficulty with your relatives. Exercise tact and diplomacy.


Your emotions are very high-strung right now. You were made to be an emotional creature. You may find there are a number of special benefits to being emotional, even if it can feel inconvenient. Sensitive beings are needed to heal the world, to be there for others, for animals, and for the environment. Tapping into this sensitivity rather than running from it will serve you well. On the 17th, the sun moves into Leo which enhances your ability to communicate and move and inspire others. Reaching people at their emotional core is your gift. At work, you may feel invalidated and unappreciated. It is worth speaking up about this, but it is also worth remembering that no-one can determine your worth. Others not seeing how valuable you do not mean you have no value. It means they can only see you through their own limited view. On the 16th, Venus moves into Leo and love becomes reciprocal, big and bold in all ways. Mars in Leo makes things bigger and bolder too in your financial world. You may find the money you accrue to be very generous indeed!


Your confidence continues to dip at the start of this month, and you may have difficulties in controlling your temper. As a result, you may be moody and hurt someone’s feelings accidentally. On the 17th, the sun moves into Leo and your normal levels of exuberant confidence return. When you are at your best, people simply sit and take notice. You are very much like a lion. A lion doesn’t have to do anything special or out of the ordinary for people to be in awe of it, they just are, by the very fact that they are looking at a lion! When you are in touch with this fact of your nature, you can be incredibly charismatic, formidable and much loved, but you must ward off a tendency toward ego and arrogance. Don’t believe your own press. Humility will ironically make you even more adored! Mercury in Leo asks you to learn to balance your life. As a fixed sign, you may put all your eggs in one basket. Learn to be greyer about things, rather than black and white. Most things exist somewhere in the middle. Mars in Leo makes you affectionate with friends but impatient with family. Again, balance is a very important lesson for a sign who likes to live on the edge of life!


With the sun in Cancer until the 17th, your confidence is high, and you will be active in doing all you dream of. You have big plans and ideas, and you now have the energy to make them happy. You are believing in yourself, and that’s truly beautiful. On the 17th, the sun moves into Leo and you may need support from those around you. Compassionate spiritual practice will be necessary to tame more unpleasant feelings, especially a sense of failure or lack which can be common in someone with a tendency towards perfectionism. Mercury in Cancer helps you do very well in terms of money. As Mercury moves into Leo on the 26th, you may find love takes on a few new ebbs and flows. You need to learn to be direct about what you feel, think, want and need. Don’t be passive or assume that your partner will understand you and read your mind. On the 16th, Venus moves into larger-than-life Leo, and at work, you’ll need to concentrate and be determined. These will be the keys to your success. On the 9th, Mars moves into Leo and you may find yourself feeling fiery and feisty. Channel this into constructive avenues where possible to avoid conflict.


Professionally, you are at a high point, and you understand that you need to work hard to achieve results. You are pouring yourself into your professional endeavors. On the 17th, the sun moves into Leo, a favorable position that ensures you complete challenges set before you. In love, there is a simmering sense of excitement that keeps you on your toes. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Cancer which bolsters cordial relationships with family, resolving hidden past conflicts. There is an opportunity for healing here. On the 26th, as Mercury moves into Leo, your financial situation grows and improves, helping you to feel steady and secure, as well as empowered. Venus in Leo makes you very lucky and personally magnetic to all with whom you come into contact. Mars in Leo further fortifies your financial situation – you may be able to clear your debts. In terms of relationships, things may accelerate towards marriage.


Love is very important to Scorpios and it is vital that it is passionate, enduring and intense. You aren’t happy with a superficial love affair. You need something that touches your soul and you won’t be satisfied until you find it. Love comes to the fore this month, and with the sun in Leo, you may be more direct about what you require from a partner. If they’re scared of intimacy, they need not apply. Your confidence makes you very attractive right now, and people respond well to you. You may carry an undercurrent of tension that can be uncomfortable but can also signal excitement and get you involved in some very interesting things. You just have to be open to the opportunities. Is it a challenge, or is it an opportunity? You decide. Your perspective is what matters here. We grow in the difficult times, and you are a soul keen to evolve from ground-dwelling scorpion to soaring eagle.


At work, the focus is required. Mutable, your energy is naturally scattered and fractured. This can be useful as it enables you to be expansive, but you must sometimes take aim so that you can shoot your arrow at a worthwhile target. Shooting arrows into the sky is only exciting for so long. Finetuning your ability to focus on is the central lesson of this month. You will develop a heightened interest in social matters which will not be surprising as you are a naturally gregarious sign who enjoys seeing the joyful side of life. On the 26th, as Mercury moves into Leo there were some obstacles or disturbances that require a plan of action to shift. Use your intelligence and ability to read people for results. Venus in Leo intensifies the bond between you and your partner, keeping things playful and pure. With Mars in fiery Leo, you are a force to be reckoned with. Leo is one of the most powerful placements for Mars and you may be called to rise to the challenge!


Domestically, you may need to turn your attention back to things you have ignored. Your all work no play approach can put home life on the backburner, but intimate relationships are central to happiness and should be prioritized. This striving for balance is a regular theme in your life, and you may always need to be actively working towards a resolution. In love, marriage is an institution you believe in and you may wish to make that meaningful commitment with a partner, especially if they share your values. On the 26th, Mercury moves into Leo which leads to the completion and resolution of pending tasks. Venus in Leo can make you question the future. What is your legacy? Do you have a dynasty? What makes you pride? Where does your sense of accomplishment come from? Mars in Leo revs you up, but you do need to be cautious around excess and indulgence, especially when it comes to food! Your penchant for the finer things in life could be your downfall.


Victory is a flag you can wave proudly this month as you are able to capture all you meet with your winning and rare ways. You sail through personal matters. People simply like you. You are what you are, you say what you mean, and you do what you need to do. This helps people trust and like you. You are always transparent. With the sun moving into Leo on the 17th, this is a wonderful time to focus on the career trajectory of your partner. Auspicious events pepper this month. Your abilities as a writer are honed, and you will conjure revolutionary ideas. An Aquarius with a pen can be quite dangerous indeed, as you can aptly explore concepts that others may struggle to understand otherwise. This talent might be envied. On the 26th, Mercury moves into Leo which can trigger domestic misunderstandings, especially for wives, who may need to try harder to be understood. Open up the lines of communication and express your needs. This is being true to yourself. Venus in Leo makes you a big deal – your fixed nature can make you extremely ambitious and committed, warm, but hard to sway. Success is inevitable with such a combination. Mars in Leo can make you fiery and more in-check with what you need from others. Be prepared to speak your mind!


The happy news is promised, and you will receive it gladly. Your ability to innovate and your growing confidence in this area is helping you come up with some astonishing plans. On the 17th, the sun moves into Leo and you should be mindful of your liver, teeth, and ears, as you may have some minor health ailments. Be wary of people who may wish you harm. A water sign, you have a thin, permeable barrier and working on boundaries is important for you, far more than most. When you welcome people in, they are truly in, so you must exercise caution. Is this person worth your attention? On the 26th, Mercury moves into Leo which escalates your theatrical abilities. You will be a star with all eyes on you. Energy will be high. Venus in Leo helps things to materialize but slowly and steadily. This helps you to acclimatize to progression. Mars in Leo helps you to dazzle. If you need a boost to get things done, this is the charge you need.