Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020
Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for August 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at
With Venus in Gemini, the focus is on your love life and you may find yourself meeting a new partner. There may be an age difference or your relationship will bring out a more youthful side of your relationship. You are also blessed financially with plenty of income. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which can trigger financial loss and an unstable stressed mind. You will work hard but may not receive much recognition. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which can cause family discord but your friendships will be harmonious and full of affection. Try to balance all areas of your life to prevent being overly focused in one particular area. Simmering tensions may manifest causing conflict. On the 16th, Mars moves into dynamic Aries which brings your financial life to victory. You’ll also build bridges with your siblings and health disorders relating to blood improvement.
With Venus in Gemini, you are set to enjoy plenty of financial gain and your abilities as a communicator will be reinforced. You will be very innovative and creative when it comes to thinking of new ways to cultivate wealth. This is a wonderful period for matters of the heart and your love life will benefit. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which can make you moody and quarrelsome especially with those younger than you. You may come across as a little draconian in your approach. You are advised not to make speedy decisions that may come back to bite you. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which greatly benefits your mother as well as property-related gains and also enables you to forge new friendships and take on a harmonious and romantic stance in love. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which enables you to make intelligent financial choices and to communicate powerfully in the workplace. You may receive an inheritance and love is certainly in the air!
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With Venus in Gemini, you enter into a financially excellent period. Your love life also takes on a playful quirky turn. Gemini in love is a true kaleidoscope to witness. You are enigmatic, curious, mischievous and hard to pin down. Totally light-hearted and fun others enjoy being in your company and falling in love may happen quickly. Issues that may dampen a burgeoning love life will not bother you in the slightest right now. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which helps artistic natives of this sign to turn a profit. Investments also work well. On the 17th, Mercury moves into Leo and can trigger conflicts with relatives. You will travel but you need to be cautious of your health and wellbeing as your constitution is light, airy and mercurial. With Mars moving into Aries on the 16th this is a good period for the entire family and you may make a tidy profit in business.
With Mercury in Gemini, you may endure some high expenses but these will be for the best. There is a pervasive sense of harmony throughout your life. You may secure yourself a government loan. Someone may reciprocate loving feelings for you. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer and you may sustain some financial loss. Your mind may be clouded and unclear and your workload may increase whilst recognition remains the same. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which generates plenty of abundances financially and may bring an inheritance payout. It can be difficult for you to save even though money is coming in so try to be mindful of your habits. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which further reinforces some hefty expenses and may provoke some reputational damage. Your health may be concerning and you may be in debt. Fortunately, your close loved ones will be immensely supportive of you through thick and thin.

Venus in Gemini puts you in a very powerful financial position and lowers expenses promoting good saving opportunities. This is a wonderful period for strong family relationships and professional endeavours. On the 2nd, Mercury moves into Cancer which can hit you with some financial blows and a low confidence level. You may miss someone who meant a lot to you and struggle to cope with their departure. Your mind may feel somewhat unstable as a result and it can be hard to achieve equilibrium. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which can create tension and disharmony at home but your friendships do not suffer the same fate. Such tensions can create a turbulent environment and out of temper, you may say something you don’t mean. On the 16th Mars in Aries brings you fame, success, victory and luck, your hard work will make a huge difference in your life and promotion is almost certain.
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At work, you really need to give your all if you want to progress. Concentration and determination will be the keys to your success. You may feel lazy and unmotivated but others will support you and you will make financial gains. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which solidifies your financial opportunities and improves your health. This is also a great professional period filled with new opportunities for you dear Virgo. In love, things may feel a little dull and dour but some effort can make radical improvements. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which can generate volatility in your mind and a rollercoaster ride of a relationship. It can be hard to know if you are coming or going. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which may boost your career or encourage you to change careers or expand. Whatever turn you take it will be beneficiary. If single, you may meet someone both compelling and promising.

Venus in Gemini bestows you with plenty of good luck but you cannot rely on good luck entirely because luck will only last for so long. Try to fortify your luck with plenty of discipline and a strong work ethic. Hard work is a must. Chronic health conditions are relieved and improved. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which blends luck and hard work together to generate favourable results. Relationships with paternal figures are also smoothed over and may recover from past conflict. With Mercury moving into Leo on the 17th, past debts may be eradicated once and for all and at work you will earn what you deserve morally as well as financially. Marriage is possible. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which supports you in spiritual and religious activities. Your romantic life is one of great enjoyment and a tremendous source of fun.
Venus in Gemini leads you to an intense preoccupation with your partner especially their health and wellbeing. Mentally you may experience anxiety and depression. All is not well. You will also find it difficult to make decisions for your future and if your decisions impact others you will find it even more problematic to decide upon anything. On the 2nd Mercury in Cancer produces tension, obstacles in the workplace and an unromantic period as well as financial loss. This can be a challenging transit to weather. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which leads you to graciously accept new challenges at the workplace and seniors will be beyond satisfied with your performance. There are many new opportunities in your personal life as well as lots of excitement at what is to come. On the 16th as Mars moves into Aries, you may return to a place of worry and find that the fruits of your hard work are delayed in coming to you. Low self-confidence may be an issue so try to spend some time with your loved ones.
Venus in Gemini tightens our social and romantic bonds and under this transit, your partner will need your support because their will power will falter. They may want to give up a bad habit or push for success at work but lack the fortitude to keep going. You can be their cheerleader. Others may need you. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer bringing unexpected monetary gain. You may be afflicted with minor health issues and will have a strong interest in social activities. Mercury in Leo can bring about some obstacles in your personal life which can cause some disturbances and indifference between family members. Your confidence may fall down a rung. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which can put the spotlight on marriage. Males may feel the urge to marry whilst females may run into some trouble. New challenges may emerge which keep you on your toes.
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With Venus in Gemini, you will become acutely aware of the intentions of others and you will be distressed over how the future may impact your family and loved ones. You may make less money than usual and professionally you need to take the lead and grab the pull by the horns if you are to achieve any success. Be wary of those who may attempt to tarnish your reputation. On the 2nd Mercury moves into Cancer which can predispose you to marriage and luck. Others will be envious of your good fortune. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which enables you to complete pending tasks and to support those junior to you. There is an unexpected benefit in completing some task or other. Socially you will be very active but you need to be cautious with your health. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which triggers victory and success. Do not invest but do enjoy your friendships and the endless summer fun ahead.
Venus in Gemini enables you to live like a king or queen. There is harmony and plenty of affluence surrounding you and you will enjoy love. This transit is truly wonderful in all aspects and you can either use it to become more productive or simply sit back and enjoy its prosperous energy. Mercury’s influence in Cancer makes you victorious in all your endeavours and is wonderful for professionals ensuring that you achieve growth in the workplace. This is a wonderful placement for writers who can bring emotion into their work. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which can cause misunderstandings in your love life. Make sure that you communicate with your partner so that you can understand one another effectively. In this way, you can prevent problems from becoming insurmountable. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries bringing fame, recognition and plenty of romance. Your love life becomes bold and brilliant.
The impact of Venus and Gemini can push you into a new home and encourage slow but sure developments. Things will unravel in their own time. This much is certain. You should avoid travelling at this time. Mercury in Cancer can cause you to worry about the wellbeing of your family but anxiety will not get you far. Take action instead. Work is peppered with competition and you won’t feel very romantic. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which may cause low-level fame and turn foes into friends. Your health will be amazing. Those of you who are performers will excel. On the 16th Mars moves into Aries which keeps your self-confidence at an average level but you will see things happening for the best all-around you and will receive plenty of appreciation. Spending quality time with your family will be a key focus of yours.
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