Your Monthly Horoscope for February 2021
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The month of Love February. They say Love is the supreme power that can help one overcome all sorrows, worries, and tension. Indeed, this month, Love is in the air, everywhere. It is the month to celebrate togetherness, closeness with your loved ones. Despite the pandemic still lurking around, it could not subside the feeling of love and its festivities. It has given people or more reasons to feel good, special, and treat others with love, respect, and adoration.

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Even though this year's February is very different from the previous one, it still gives all of us hope for a better tomorrow, a more cautious lifestyle, and refined decision making. With the February 2021 prediction help, one can know more about what lies ahead and accordingly plan their decisions and moves.

Compared to 2020, 2021 is also expected to be eventful but happily in a positive way. Things will improve, there will be technological advancement and life would be much better.

Indeed, with all this going around, we all have questions in mind like - will I find my soulmate in February 2021? Will my casual relationship turn into a committed one? Will I be lucky in Love?, etc. The monthly prediction will answer all these questions here. Get clarity in matters related to Love, career, finance, and family.

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When confidence and enthusiasm are high, there is little that you cannot achieve, and this month is one in which the planetary transits support you in your goals. On the 4th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, making you a professional powerhouse, especially when it comes to your dealings with others. Sun’s transit in Aquarius will increase and fortify self-confidence, which will benefit you in all realms, especially professionally.

You bring authentic enthusiasm to your projects, and love affairs take on an air of responsibility and permanence. On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius, which also has unusual ways of bringing financial support towards you; you may find that money flows in from overseas. Your life feels harmonious, and your love life takes on enthralling energy that can set the scene for falling in love or rekindling a long-standing connection.On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, where its energy becomes slow. You'll enjoy financial prosperity and are encouraged to make investments. Short trips and world travel may increase your outgoings and expenditure.


This month is one in which sharp focus is positioned on your career and working life. On the 4th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can concentrate on a slight downturn, leading to laziness. Sun’s transit in Aquarius might increase your workload yet enable you to achieve your targets within a very effective time frame. Your productivity and ability to meet deadlines is unquestionable.

Fortunately, your health will be unaffected, but your mind may feel unstable and disorganized. On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius, which is a perfect placement for professionals. Others become interested and intrigued by you at the workplace. Their curiosity can be professional or personal in nature, making this an excellent time for networking, falling in love, and establishing friendships. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, which promotes a lot of social activity. You become far more outgoing. You'll also see financial improvements and feel incredibly joyful and proactive. There is a tendency to over-indulge and give in to cravings or pleasures that should only be taken moderately. If you follow this tendency, you may become overweight or develop addictions or poor habits so try to replace such thoughts with ones that prioritize health.

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This month bestows a period of fortune upon Gemini natives. Romance is bolstered, and you are almost saccharine sweet with your beloved. On the 4th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, and you enjoy some financial gain. You must take good care of your health. Your social relationships will continue to flourish and bloom. Due to Sun’s transit in Aquarius there are signs of meetings and large swathes of people connecting for a greater good, typically a humanitarian cause. You'll be visible and active on the scene and will spend a lot of time with people. You'll also offer plenty of support to those younger than you, just as your elders will grant you their own wisdom.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius, ensuring that teamwork and companionship become highly influential and important to your wellbeing. Represented by the twins' sign, you are well aware that there is more to life than just you. How you interact with others is a sign of your success. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, which sees you take on a more earthy approach to work and responsibility. Such an attitude assures financial growth and a probable promotion.


You may experience some financial loss or find it difficult to diminish debt. On the 4th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can bring up longs-tanding problems in relationships. There may be a sense of claustrophobia or suffocation and a restless desire for change. Take some time and space for yourself, and the answers may come from a place of clarity. There is no need for instant solutions.After Sun’s transit in Aquarius you may need to spend money on your health. Ensuring that you take good care of yourself is essential. You are the zodiac's empathy and tend to absorb what is going on around you, both good and bad. Find an outlet for what you absorb so that it doesn't go too deep.

As Venus moves into Aquarius on the 21st, you need to begin evaluating your health practices. Ensure that you are taking good care of your emotional health because this directly impacts how you physically feel. Finding a way to release pent up stress or hardship can only be healthy for you. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, improving your financial condition and encouraging you to make a purchase, perhaps a new home or vehicle, certainly something beneficial.


On the 4th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which ensures that you continue to be victorious across all areas of your life. If fame is to come, it may very well occur now. This is a wonderful period for getting in touch with your artistic, creative, and romantic energy. Sun’s transit in Aquarius can trigger tension and strain in couples. This can make it difficult for you to concentrate on other parts of your life. Try to bring an attitude of maturity to all things.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius, which creates a wonderful time for love and romantic alliances. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed in nature, giving you endurance and stamina for the long haul. This is not just a great time for love, but also a remarkable period for friendship. Love is also best when it stems from friendship. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, and you may need to take some precautions in terms of your health. Taurus is slow-moving energy, and it can remind us and encourage us to slow down and take things as they are. When we slow down, we are able to see more of what is going on around us. This can also be a challenging professional period, and you may need to dig in and show your grit.


As we begin the month of February, we experience the impact of four new transits. On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn which can lower your alertness and open you up to unnecessary risks, exploitation and deception. Although this sounds serious, there is nothing to fear, you just need to be cautious and not make any final decisions. Plans may not work out and some failure may occur. How we manage our failures tells us a great deal about how we secure our future successes. Sun’s transit in Aquarius will bring good luck and victory. You’ll also be successful in any legal matters you pursue.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius which can bring with it some health issues including stomach problems or pain in your arms and legs. There can also be a tendency to develop excessive eating habits and to become overweight. Yoga and meditation practice are helpful both to mitigate against the physical side of things, but also to keep on an even keel emotionally and mentally. On the 22nd Mars moves into Taurus which suggests a time of opportunity at work and in love, this is an especially exciting time for singletons.

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This month, it can bring parenthood or fame but there can also be an undercurrent of tension in romance. It may be that simmering issues need to burst forth to the surface. On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn which brings about a positive period for friendship and fun. There are also a great deal of travel opportunities available to you and as with all air signs, travel is important to your wellbeing. During Sun’s transit in Aquarius you may find yourself overly concerned about your image and how you come across to others. Spending time with loved ones helps you remember what is important in this world. On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius and Aquarius is always somewhat of a wild card, we can never be sure what it is going to bring into our lives. On the 22nd Mars moves into Taurus which can lead to a conflict or crisis of confidence and increased obstacles in the workplace that lead to growth and even exaltation if managed correctly.


On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn and you should avoid making financial decisions such as investments in share markets. Disputes may emerge with relatives and incidents may occur if you embark on overseas travel. Sun will move into Aquarius which pulls your focus to the workplace. This is where all your tenacity and energy will be steered. You’ll also find yourself benefitted from some good karma based on tasks completed in the past. Sometimes it takes things a while to come back around, and other times it’s instant!

This month Venus moves into Aquarius on the 21st and you will be showered with something new and unexpected. Someone may purchase furnishings for your home as a gift for example. Professionally this is a really fruitful time and a good opportunity to dig your heels in and get things accomplished.On the 22nd Mars moves into Taurus and you begin to become an impressive force in the workplace – there are also a great deal of opportunities available to you should you be in the mindset of movement or require a change.


The Sagittarian spirit longs to be free. You are not represented by the centaur for no good reason. The centaur likes to roam and explore and if you do not do so, you will feel cooped up and moody. On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn and you will burst with brilliant ideas that blend practicality with imagination. These ideas when brought into reality will enable you to improve your financial situation greatly. Sun’s transit in Aquarius will increase your ability to connect with the younger generation and encourage you to take some more travel opportunities as and when they come up.

On the 21st Venus moves into Aquarius and you’ll take a great number of short trips but you do need to be cautious regarding your health as you may be prone to minor bumps and injuries. On the 22nd Mars in Taurus fortifies time spent with family and also guarantees that you get what you want. Earth signs typically do get what they deserve, whether it happens slowly or quickly, due to their perseverance. It doesn’t matter how quickly they climb the mountain, they still climb it.

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On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn which draws you away from spirituality and towards imagination where you are able to come up with new concepts and ideas that benefit both personally and professionally. But it is suggested that you work hard if you want to achieve your goals. As Venus moves into Aquarius on the 21st you enjoy a financially beneficial period and life is bolstered with a sense of harmoniousness. You may reconnect with people from your past or heal old wounds. Hard work inevitably improves your bank balance. During Sun’s transit in Aquarius you may rid yourself of a chronic health problem. This is a time where the wrongs of the world seem to right themselves.

On the 22nd Mars moves into Taurus and you take your responsibilities, duties and obligations very seriously, in fact you take great pride in them. There is a reason why you are considered such a competent sign.


Issues that can plague us for some time can often take a while to be resolved. On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn which can lead to reputational risk especially as your own spirits are rather low and your confidence is faltering. Your personal life may require your attention.With Sun’s transit in Aquarius you’ll find that if you use your brain at work, you’ll be greatly benefited. Do not haste – dive in! Your ability to come up with novel ways of looking at things draws others to you.

This month with Venus moving into Aquarius on the 21st serious issues are finally concluded which enables you to let go, move on and begin the process of recovery. The women in your life and the energy of femininity go a long way towards calming you and bringing you inner peace. On the 22nd Mars moves into Taurus which fortifies you financially and enables you to spend towards your property or on your possessions.


On the 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn and you’ll enjoy a favourable period especially for initiating new relationships and for professional development. With Sun’s transit in Aquarius you may enter into a period of low self-confidence. There may be some minor health complaints to do with the eyes and anxiety could be up. Finding ways to self-sooth will assist greatly.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Aquarius which can trigger high and often unnecessary expenses. This is an opportunity to reflect on your spending habits. What can you cut back on? There is almost always something and it can make a slight difference. Some expenses will be necessary, for example they may be medical in nature. Overall your attitude is laid back regardless of what is going on. On the 22 Mars moves into Taurus which blends harmony and warmth to great effect in your relationships. You will excel in all areas of life, especially in terms of education, wealth and health.

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